Deveo is the number 1 repository hosting platform in the cloud. Deveo provides Git hosting, Subversion (SVN) hosting and Mercurial repository hosting for private source code repositories. For storing other software assets, Deveo supports hosting WebDAV repositories. Use Deveo free from the cloud or install it on your own server.


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Deveo's cloud solution is well suited for hosting small to medium companies who wish to host their private source code in the cloud. Deveo cloud repository hosting service is intuitive and easy to use even. Setting up your software development toolchain has never been as easy.

- As a SaaS service, you don't need to think when to apply security updates or update the software, as everything will be taken care for you. Your company can concentrate on developing world-class software instead.

- Deveo maintains keeps your source code and other software assets secured and maintains daily two-level backups, which means that in addition to your code repository version history, you can get back 30 days in time in the case of disaster.

- Deveo supports three most commonly used open source version control systems: Git, Mercurial and Subversion (SVN). In addition, Deveo supports storing binary files to WebDAV repositories.

- You can use Deveo for free from the cloud up to 1 GB of storage. There are no user limits, no repository limits and no project limits. Additional storage costs 1€/GB/month.

- Yo can install Deveo on your own servers to control the infrastructure yourself. Deveo offers a free 30 day trial after which the license cost 36€/user/year. Contact our sales is your organization has more than 500 users for a specific quote.


Deveo providers free support via email

support email:

Premium support can arranged based on needs.

For feature requests, please visit:
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Please see seller website for refund policy.


Free unlimited users. Free unlimited repositories. Free unlimited projects. 1 GB of total storage for free. Additional storage 1€/GB/month


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