CloudWAN is an enterprise-ready SD-WAN solution that delivers the agility, performance and security that globally distributed enterprises need today. CloudWAN combines AppEx ZetaTCP acceleration technology to enable fast, flexible and reliable cross-border connections and application delivery.


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CloudWAN combines all of the best things about SD-WAN and AppEx ZetaTCP™ transport acceleration technology to deliver the fastest cross-border network connections in the world. This improves the efficiency and user experience of employees while reducing cost and giving the enterprise more flexibility.

CloudWAN can be used as an enterprise-grade connectivity/VPN to replace MPLS and Leased-Line. It can also serve as a backup or complement to existing MPLS networks.

CloudWAN has two important components:

CloudWAN Central Controller - Enhanced network stability

1. Manage and monitor the performance of POPs and networks.

2. Select best routes dynamically and automatically.

3. Centrally managed 24/7 by a professional operation team.

Global POPs - Deliver local Internet experience

CloudWAN POPs are deployed in clients' same Data Centers or near their data centers all over the world. The CloudWAN network is easily expanded based on business requirements, making sure your HQ, branches and mobile workers can always connect to the nearest POP.

Key benefits of CloudWAN

Enterprise-Grade High Speed Cross-Border Data Transport



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