Click2Cloud DevOps Tool for Microsoft Solution to connect to Alibaba Container Platform (Docker)



Click2Cloud DevOps Tool for Alibaba Container Platform (Docker); allows Microsoft Solutions Developers and other users to Build, Manage and Deploy containerized .NET and lot more other applications straight from Visual Studio 2017/2015 IDE to any Container Platform i.e. CaaS. Users can subscribe to Alibaba Cloud Container service and can connect it using this tool.


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Alibaba Cloud Container Service is a fully managed cloud container management service that enables you to efficiently run and manage Docker applications on a distributed cluster of Alibaba Cloud ECS instances. It replaces the need to install, operate and scale your container cluster infrastructure. Being a fully-managed service, Container Service helps you to focus on your applications rather than managing container infrastructure.

From developing, and to deploying on Alibaba Cloud Container Service, the "Click2Cloud DevOps for Microsoft Solution Developers to connect to Container Platform (Docker)" tool provides you with a fully-fledged environment for your project and aligns with the standard workflows within Visual Studio. While designing this Tool for Visual Studio, we’ve focused on providing an integrated developer experience, as well as user experience for .NET Developers to support the application lifecycle, and seamless deployment in Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Please follow the instructions provided in "resources section" that guides users through a step-by-step procedure to install this tool, to connect, create and deploy applications in Alibaba Cloud Container Service from your Visual Studio IDE.


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Free trial period for 30 days - No credit card is required. Annual Subscription - $49/month/machine, charged annually. Contact @ for bulk pricing.


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