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WANdisco Fusion

WANdisco, Inc.

Wherever your data is stored we have the solution for you. Organizations around the world use our patented Fusion Active Data Replication™ technology for guaranteed data consistency and availability across any combination of on-premises and cloud environments regardless of distance and data source.


SaaSaMe Transport

SaaSaMe, Ltd.

SaaSaMe Transport, a workload mover software solution, supports P2C, V2C, and C2C. It features automated conversion between heterogeneous platforms, one-click user experience by cloud API integration, and minimal RTO/RPO. Moving workloads from on-premise to the Cloud is just the starting point to long-term IT evolution. Hybrid Cloud is inevitable reality for enterprises. SaaSaMe Transport is designed to set enterprises free in the mainstream hybrid Cloud setup in the near future.

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