What Problems Does Cloud Enterprise Network Solve

Cloud Enterprise Network Definition

Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) is a global network service provided by Alibaba Cloud that can quickly build hybrid cloud and distributed business systems. It provides users with a high-quality, efficient and stable network transmission environment and helps users create a cloud-based network with enterprise-grade scale and communication capabilities.

Components of a cloud enterprise network

Cloud enterprise network instance: before using CEN, you need to create a CEN instance. A cloud enterprise network instance is the basic resource for creating and managing an integrated network. The entire network instance and bandwidth package management are all performed in the cloud enterprise network instance.
Bandwidth package: To communicate between VPCs and VBRs across regions, you must purchase a bandwidth package. Bandwidth packages are divided into regions, including Mainland China, Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe. By selecting regional interoperability bandwidth packages such as Mainland China - Asia Pacific, the interoperability between regions in the two regions can be realized.
Network instance: The cloud enterprise network implements the full interconnection of network instances loaded in it, including VPC and VBR.

What problems does the cloud enterprise network solve

1.Fast internet connection:
Reduce the complexity of user management VPC/VBR interconnection, cancel the concept of the router interface. You only need to load the corresponding network instance into the cloud enterprise network and manage it with VPC/VBR as the smallest granularity. In a real sense, it can achieve a little interoperability with the world. Help enterprises to quickly deploy cross-regional networks and respond to business needs in a timely manner.
2.Reduce operational complexity:
The intelligent learning of routing information between network instances does not require manual configuration, which greatly reduces the complexity of routing configuration and maintenance, reduces the network error rate, and greatly improves network reliability.
3.Bandwidth resource sharing:
The product atom is loosely coupled, and the bandwidth package is a cross-region attribute, which can be shared by different regions in the region. The bandwidth package is loosely coupled with the cloud enterprise network instance, region, and network instance, and the use of the product is more flexible. In the same cloud enterprise network, network instances can be loaded and unloaded at any time, making resource migration more convenient.

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