What Is Ultra-wideband Used for

Ultra Wide Band (UWB, Ultra Wide Band) technology is a new type of wireless communication technology. It enables the signal to have a bandwidth on the order of GHz by directly modulating pulses with the very steep rise and fall times.
Ultra-wideband technology solves the major problems related to propagation that have plagued traditional wireless technology for many years. It has the advantages of insensitivity to channel fading, low power spectral density of transmitted signals, low interception capability, low system complexity, and can provide positioning accuracy of several centimeters. advantage.
Ultra-wideband (UWB) was used for short-range high-speed data transmission in the early days. In recent years, foreign countries have begun to use its sub-nanosecond ultra-narrow pulses for short-range precise indoor positioning.

The application scenarios of UWB ultra-wideband positioning are as follows:

1. UWB realizes visualized smart factory

Deploy UWB ultra-wideband positioning system in traditional factories, integrate precise positioning and industrial Internet of Things, real-time positioning and monitoring of tools, semi-finished products, raw materials, and personnel in discrete manufacturing, and realize tool preset management, production progress control, and finished product quality management. , raw material logistics control, operator scheduling management, and other functions, which can realize the visualization of the manufacturing process and improve the efficiency and quality of the factory.
2. UWB realizes intelligent navigation of industrial robots

The UWB ultra-wideband positioning system is applied in the industrial robot industry. It integrates various technologies through artificial intelligence and uses safe software control methods to ensure the precise positioning and precise control of industrial vehicles, and realize automatic driving and flexible navigation of industrial vehicles: high speed, safety automatic driving; no need to set fixed routes, route planning on demand; automatic map mapping and environment adaptation. Applied to various AGVs, robots, etc.
3. UWB used in prison supervision

UWB ultra-wideband positioning application is used in prison supervision, using reliable identification, tracking, and positioning technology to accurately manage detainees, which can realize intelligent monitoring of detainees (real-time positioning, number counting, crowd analysis);
Real-time precise positioning and management of inmates and prison guards to ensure the safety of supervision.
Active management can make a real-time inventory of prisoners and real-time alarms for abnormal positions.
Combined with video surveillance to achieve polymorphic visual supervision.
Provide big data basic support for the evaluation of transformation effects for smart prisons.
The introduction of UWB ultra-broadband positioning in prisons can greatly improve the way of prison management, improve the efficiency of police work, and improve the safety of daily management of prisons.
4. UWB application electronics

UWB can also be applied to electronic fences, and electronic fence areas are set up in the background, which can realize functions such as cross-border warning and detention warning. For example, in a chemical plant, due to the high hazard index in the chemical area, by setting up electronic fences in important areas, the system will give an immediate warning once a person crosses the border or stays without authorization. The safety level of the plant can be significantly improved through UWB.
5. UWB is applied to indoor navigation and positioning

Based on SKYLAB's UWB ultra-wideband positioning technology, it can realize accurate navigation across floors and buildings in commercial buildings and smart parks, and guide personnel to a specific functional area. For example, electronic medical guides in hospitals, supermarket store navigation, reverse car search in parking lots, and large-scale exhibition tours.
6. UWB used in asset tracking, dangerous goods tracking

UWB ultra-wideband positioning can be applied to asset tracking and dangerous goods tracking. The historical movement trajectory of the located target can be viewed, and the intuitive motion route playback can be realized in the background, which is convenient for event tracing. The UWB positioning system can accurately locate the position of micro tags on employees, vehicles, or assets in real-time, and display the position information of people, vehicles, and objects in the control center with zero delays for safe area management.

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