Why use Alibaba Cloud ECS server?

1. What are the advantages of Alibaba Cloud ECS?

Compared with ordinary IDC computer rooms or server manufacturers, the cloud server ECS provided by Alibaba Cloud has the following advantages: high availability, security and elasticity.

1. High availability

Compared with ordinary IDC computer rooms and server manufacturers, Alibaba Cloud uses stricter IDC standards, server access standards, and operation and maintenance standards to ensure the high availability of the entire basic framework of cloud computing, data reliability, and high availability of cloud servers. .

On this basis, each region provided by Alibaba Cloud has multiple availability zones. When users need higher availability, they can use Alibaba Cloud's multi-availability zones to build their own active/standby services or active-active services. For the two-location and three-center solutions for the financial sector, users can also build higher availability services through multiple regions and multiple availability zones. Including disaster recovery, backup and other services, Alibaba Cloud has very mature solutions.

Under the entire framework of Alibaba Cloud, these services can be switched very smoothly, and relevant information can be found in Alibaba Cloud Industry Solutions. Whether it is three centers in two places, or e-commerce and video services, you can find corresponding industry solutions on Alibaba Cloud.

In addition, Alibaba Cloud provides users with the following three supports:

Products and services that improve availability, including cloud servers, load balancing, multi-backup database services, and data migration service DTS, etc.

Industry partners and ecological partners help users complete a more stable architecture and ensure the continuity of services.

A variety of training services allow users to achieve high availability on the entire link from the business end to the underlying basic server end.

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2. Security

After choosing cloud computing, the most concerned issue is the security and stability of cloud computing. Alibaba Cloud has recently passed many international security standard certifications, including ISO27001, MTCS, etc. These security compliances have very strict requirements for the privacy of user data, privacy of user information, and protection of user privacy.

On the Alibaba Cloud proprietary network, more business possibilities can be generated. Users only need to perform simple configuration, and then they can connect with all computer rooms around the world in their own business environment, thus improving business flexibility, stability and business development.

If you already have a self-built IDC computer room, there will be no problem.

Alibaba Cloud's proprietary network can pull dedicated lines to the original IDC computer room to form a hybrid cloud architecture. Alibaba Cloud can provide various hybrid cloud solutions and a large number of network products to form powerful network functions and make users' businesses more flexible. Combined with Alibaba Cloud's ecology, users can develop unexpected business ecology on the cloud.

In short, the proprietary network provides a stable, secure, fast delivery, autonomous and controllable network environment. For traditional industries and industries and enterprises that have not been exposed to cloud computing, they will enjoy the technical dividends brought by cloud computing with the help of proprietary network hybrid cloud capabilities and hybrid cloud architecture.

3. Elasticity

The biggest advantage of cloud computing is elasticity. At present, Alibaba Cloud already has the ability to create the IT resources needed by a medium-sized Internet company within a few minutes, which ensures that the businesses built by most enterprises on the cloud can withstand the huge business pressure.

• Computational flexibility

Vertical elasticity, that is, configuration changes of individual servers. In the traditional IDC mode, it is difficult to change the configuration of a single server. For Alibaba Cloud, after users purchase cloud servers or storage capacity, they can freely change their configuration according to the increase or decrease in business volume.

• Lateral flexibility

For the peak period of game applications or live broadcast platforms, under the traditional IDC mode, users cannot prepare resources immediately; however, cloud computing can help users overcome such peaks in an elastic way. When the business peak disappears, users can release excess resources to reduce business costs. Using horizontal expansion and reduction, combined with Alibaba Cloud's elastic scaling, it is completely possible to achieve regular and quantitative scaling, or scale according to the business load.

• Storage elasticity

Alibaba Cloud has strong storage flexibility. When the amount of storage increases, for the traditional IDC solution, users can only increase the number of servers continuously, and the number of such expanded servers is limited. Alibaba Cloud provides users with a large amount of storage, which can be purchased on demand to provide maximum protection for storage. For specific applications of storage elasticity, please refer to Disk Expansion for details.

• Cyber Resilience

The network on the cloud also has great flexibility. As long as the user purchases the proprietary network of Alibaba Cloud, all network configurations can be exactly the same as the configuration of the offline IDC computer room, and there are more possibilities. It can realize the interconnection and intercommunication between various computer rooms, security domain isolation and flexible network configuration and planning.

2. What are the related services of Alibaba Cloud Server ECS?

Users can obtain various software and services related to basic software, enterprise software, website construction, agent operation and maintenance, cloud security, data and API, solutions, etc. provided by third-party service providers from the cloud market. Users can also become cloud market service providers.

Users can automatically adjust ECS resources according to business requirements and policy changes.

Users can manage the application life cycle through Docker containers on a group of cloud server ECS.

A load balancing service that allows users to distribute traffic to multiple ECS servers.

Users can monitor ECS instances and their system disks.

Users can use Security Knight to ensure the security of cloud server ECS.

For applications deployed on cloud server ECS, Alibaba Cloud provides users with free DDoS basic protection, and users can also use DDoS high-defense IP to ensure the stability and reliability of the source site.

In short, Alibaba Cloud's elasticity refers to the elasticity of computing, storage, network, and users' flexibility in re-planning business architecture. Users can use any method to combine their own business, and Alibaba Cloud can meet the needs of users.

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