How to set up Alibaba Cloud server and build a website

With the rapid development of Internet and cloud computing technology, more and more enterprises and individuals start to use cloud servers. Among them, Alibaba Cloud is currently a cloud computing service provider in China. Its products have stable performance and moderate prices, and are suitable for many types of websites and applications.

Step 1: Purchase Alibaba Cloud Server

First, you need to purchase an Alibaba Cloud server. Alibaba Cloud provides various types of servers, such as Elastic Computing ECS, ApsaraDB for RDS, and Content Delivery Network CDN, etc. You can purchase a server that suits you according to your actual needs.

The steps to purchase an Alibaba Cloud server are as follows:

1. Log in to the official website of Alibaba Cloud.

2. Choose to buy an ECS instance in the console.

3. Select the instance configuration (for example, CPU, memory, bandwidth, etc.) and region you need.

4. Set the login password for the instance.

5. Confirm the order information and pay.

After purchasing an Alibaba Cloud server, you need to perform some basic settings on the server in the ECS console.

Step 2: Perform basic settings on the Alibaba Cloud server

The basic setup steps for a newly purchased ECS instance are as follows:

1. Find the purchased server in the ECS console.

2. Click the "Security Group" tab to configure the security group. A security group acts as a firewall for an ECS instance and can control the inbound and outbound traffic of the instance. You need to set corresponding security group rules to ensure server security.

3. Click the "Elastic IP" tab to bind an elastic IP to the ECS instance. Elastic IP is a reusable IP address, which allows you to replace the server without affecting the use of the IP address when necessary.

4. Click the "Login Credentials" tab to modify the login password. It is recommended that you change your password regularly to ensure server security.

Once the setup is complete, you can start building your website on the server.

Step 3: Build a Website

The steps to build a website on Alibaba Cloud server are as follows:

1. Install the web server. Web servers allow web pages to be served. Commonly used web servers include Apache, Nginx, and IIS. It is recommended that beginners choose to install Apache or Nginx.

2. Configure the web server. For Apache or Nginx, you need to modify configuration files to get the server running.

3. Deploy the website code. Upload your website code to the server. You can upload files via FTP, SFTP, etc.

4. Configure the database. If you need to use a database to store data, such as MySQL or PostgreSQL, you need to install and configure the database on the server.

5. Test the website. Open your website address to test whether it can be accessed and used normally.

After your website is online, you can also use other cloud products provided by Alibaba Cloud, such as CDN, cloud monitoring, load balancing, etc., to improve the performance and stability of your website.


When using Alibaba Cloud server to build a website, you need to purchase the server and make basic settings, then install the web server, configure the web server, deploy the website code, configure the database, and test the website. After the website is established, you can use other cloud products provided by Alibaba Cloud to improve the performance and stability of the website.

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