Performance difference between ECS shared type and exclusive type


Alibaba Cloud ECS shared and exclusive ECS mainly refer to CPU computing performance. Shared ECS adopts unbound CPU scheduling mode. When the load is high, vCPUs may compete for physical CPU resources, resulting in unstable computing performance. The enterprise-level exclusive cloud server is a fixed CPU scheduling mode, and there will be no competition for CPU resources.

1. Alibaba Cloud server ECS shared type and exclusive type

1.1 CPU computing performance

• Shared: Each vCPU of Alibaba Cloud's shared cloud server will be randomly assigned to any idle CPU hyperthread. Different instance vCPUs will compete for physical CPU resources, which will lead to fluctuations and instability of computing performance under high load. There is an availability SLA Guaranteed, but no performance SLA guarantees.

• Dedicated: Enterprise-level dedicated instances adopt a fixed CPU scheduling mode. Each vCPU is bound to a physical CPU hyperthread, there is no competition for CPU resources among instances, and the computing performance of instances is stable and guaranteed by strict SLA.

1.2 Cloud server sharing and exclusive price description

• Shared type: Alibaba Cloud ECS shared type is cheaper and more cost-effective, suitable for lightweight enterprise applications, lightweight databases, build servers, development environments, web applications, code repositories, microservices, testing and temporary storage Environment and other usage scenarios.

• Dedicated: Dedicated cloud servers are slightly more expensive than shared cloud servers, but they are cheaper than shared cloud servers to catch up with events.

2.How to distinguish Alibaba Cloud shared and dedicated cloud servers?

ECS instance specifications

• Shared type (entry level): shared standard type s6, shared basic type xn4, shared computing type n4, shared general type mn4, shared memory type e4, etc.

• Exclusive type (enterprise): general-purpose g6/g6, computing type c5/c6, memory type r5/r6, big data type, local SSD type, high main frequency type, GPU computing type, FPGA computing type, elastic bare metal wait

The ECS specification of Alibaba Cloud's shared cloud server has the word "shared". In addition, ECS burst performance t5 and burst performance t6 are also shared. The rest are exclusive cloud servers, such as computing, general-purpose, and memory-based cloud servers.

In fact, the performance of Alibaba Cloud ECS dedicated instances is also very good, and most of them use shared instances. Of course, dedicated cloud servers can be preferred for enterprise-level applications that require high computing performance.

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