Alibaba Cloud Server ECS Website Construction Guide


There are many ways to build a website using Alibaba Cloud ECS. This article mainly introduces the process of building a website by yourself.

1. How to build a website

1.1 Self-service website building

• Advantage

The whole process of server purchase, website construction and website maintenance is independent, flexible and flexible.
• Applicable people and scenarios

It is suitable for individuals or small business users who are new to cloud computing or do not know much about cloud servers and website building, and want to design their own websites.

1.2 Template site building

• Advantage

Out-of-the-box, it provides thousands of website templates, visual background management, easy and convenient.

• Applicable people and scenarios

It is suitable for individual or small business users with certain software application ability. The template site building supports multiple scenarios of Web site, mobile site, interactive form and membership payment.

1.3 Customized website building

• Advantage

Website design and construction is completed by professional designers.

• Applicable people and scenarios

It is suitable for enterprise users who have quality requirements or personalized needs for the website, and want to save manpower and time costs.

2.Self-help website building steps

Preparations: Download any recommended tool: Xshell6, Xftp6

2.1 Select server

Different types of websites require different ECS configurations. Please confirm the website size and number of visitors. In general, small websites only need to choose the basic configuration.

2.2 Configure security group rules

The ports required for remote connection to instances are enabled by default when creating a security group. You need to confirm that the inbound direction of the security group has opened these ports. If not, please configure it manually.

2.3 Deploy the website

Choose how to deploy your site.

2.4 Purchase domain name

1) Register a domain name

Enter the desired domain name and register it if it is not occupied. The domain name suffix is usually .com or .cn.

2) Real-name authentication

2.5 Record domain name

If you have not filed with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology before, please complete the first-time filing access.

2.6 Resolving Domain Names

After domain name resolution is set, external users can access the website through the domain name. To point a domain name to an IP address, just add an A record.

2.7 (Optional) Enable HTTPS encrypted access.

The SSL certificate service helps you convert the service from HTTP to HTTPS at a minimum cost, and realizes authentication and encrypted data transmission of websites or mobile applications. If you have purchased and downloaded an SSL certificate, the server deployment methods in different environments are also different.

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