Alibaba Cloud Server ECS Upgrading and Deployment Suggestions

1. Alibaba cloud server ECS upgrade and upgrade

• modify the instance specification

An instance type has predefined vCPU and memory. When modifying an instance type, you need to select the target instance type, and you cannot modify vCPU or memory independently.

• Modify the public network bandwidth billing method

Depending on the type of public network IP used, you can modify the public network bandwidth billing method in different ways.

• Modify public network bandwidth

Depending on the billing method of the instance and the bandwidth requirements, you can modify the public network bandwidth in different ways.

If you set the public network bandwidth to 0 Mbit/s when modifying the public network bandwidth, after the modification is successful, it will be determined whether to retain the public network IP address according to the network type of the instance:
For VPC instances, the fixed public IP address is immediately released.
For classic network instances, public network access is no longer provided, but a fixed public network IP address is reserved.

• Modify the data disk billing method

Pay-As-You-Go instances can only mount Pay-As-You-Go data disks, so only Subscription instances can modify the data disk billing method.

During the actual test, we found that when upgrading the ECS instance specification and configuration, the cost information will be displayed on the page. You can also check the details of the fees incurred on the account overview page. When upgrading a pay-as-you-go instance, you need to stop the instance in advance. When upgrading a Subscription instance, the new configuration will take effect only after the instance is restarted. The upgrade operation will temporarily interrupt your business. It is recommended that you perform the upgrade when your business is not busy. The upgraded instance can seamlessly connect to the business, and you do not need to reconfigure the ECS environment of the cloud server. Once the upgrade order takes effect, the configuration will be upgraded and cannot be unsubscribed individually. If you want to restore the original configuration, you can use the downgrade method, and then you will be billed according to the downgrade method. For more tutorials, please refer to: Summary of Upgrading and Upgrading Configuration Methods

2. Alibaba Cloud Server ECS Deployment Suggestions

How to start and use cloud server ECS can be considered from the following dimensions:

• Geography and Availability Zone

Region refers to the data center of Alibaba Cloud, and the region and availability zone determine the physical location of the ECS instance. Once an instance is successfully created, its metadata (only ECS instances of the VPC type support obtaining metadata) will be determined, and the region cannot be changed. You can select a region and availability zone based on factors such as user geographic location, Alibaba Cloud product releases, application availability, and whether intranet communication is required. For example, if you also need to use ApsaraDB for RDS through the Alibaba Cloud intranet, the RDS instance and the ECS instance must be in the same region.

• High availability

To ensure the correctness of business processing and uninterrupted services, it is recommended that you implement data backup through snapshots, and implement application disaster recovery through cross-availability zones, deployment sets, and load balancing (Server Load Balancer).

• Network Planning

Alibaba Cloud recommends that you use a dedicated network VPC, which allows you to plan your own private network IP and fully supports new functions and new instance specifications. In addition, the dedicated network VPC supports the isolation of multi-service systems and the usage scenarios of deploying systems in multiple regions.

• Safety plan

You can use the ECS security group for free to control the inbound and outbound network access policies and port monitoring status of ECS instances.

For applications deployed on ECS, Alibaba Cloud provides you with free basic DDoS protection and basic security services. Basic DDoS protection is enabled by default and no purchase is required, providing you with a basic DDoS protection capability of no more than 5 Gbps. If you need higher protection capabilities to ensure the security of cloud server ECS services, you can purchase Anti-DDoS Pro. The basic security service is a free service without service fees, and provides you with basic security hardening capabilities, including abnormal login detection, vulnerability scanning, and baseline configuration verification.

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