ECS server usage requirements

This article introduces the restrictions and things that users are not allowed to do after purchasing the Alibaba Cloud ECS server.

1. The use of cloud server ECS is prohibited

• Prohibit users from using ECS instances for traffic penetration. Violators will be punished by shutting down and locking the instance, and will be cleared;

• Prohibit the use of servers to engage in sales brushing, advertising brushing, and false website transactions on e-commerce websites;

• Do not enable SELinux;

• It is forbidden to uninstall related hardware drivers;

• It is forbidden to modify the MAC address of the network card at will;

2. Restrictions on the use of cloud server ECS

Currently, only elastic bare metal servers and supercomputing clusters support re-virtualization, and other instance models do not support virtualization software installation and re-virtualization (such as installing and using VMware).

Sound card applications and direct loading of external hardware devices are not supported. You can try a soft dongle or a dynamic password for secondary verification.

IP packet address translation services such as SNAT are not currently supported. You can use your own VPN or proxy to achieve this.

Multicast protocols are not currently supported. If multicast is required, it is recommended to use unicast point-to-point instead.

Currently, the log service (LOG) does not support 32-bit Linux cloud servers.

For cloud servers with more than 4 GiB memory, choose a 64-bit operating system, because 32-bit operating systems have a memory addressing limit of 4 GiB. Currently supported 64-bit operating systems include (please refer to the version displayed on the instance purchase page):

It is not recommended to upgrade the kernel and operating system version of the cloud server.


• User restrictions for creating ECS instances
• Limits on creating pay-as-you-go resources
• The number of instance launch templates for an account in each region
• The number of versions in an instance launch template
• Subscription from pay-as-you-go to yearly or monthly

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