ECS instance specifications and usage tutorials


Alibaba Cloud servers are divided into cloud server ECS and lightweight application server. Taking cloud server ECS as an example, learn about server performance, ECS instance specifications, public network bandwidth, system disk, stability, security protection, cost, and customer cases.

1. Elastic calculation

The typical advantage of cloud computing is elastic computing. Cloud servers can be configured up or down, and ECS instance specifications can be changed according to their own needs. Create or delete ECS instances in minutes with elastic scaling, seamlessly increase ECS instances during peak business hours according to user application scenarios, and automatically release ECS instances during sluggish business periods to save costs.

2. Cloud disk storage

Alibaba Cloud block storage EBS provides low-latency, durable, and highly reliable block-level random storage. Block storage supports automatic data replication in the availability zone to prevent data unavailability caused by unexpected hardware failures.

3. How to choose an ECS instance type?

3.1 Understand the billing method of the cloud server

For different ECS resources, you can choose an appropriate billing method according to your needs. Pay-As-You-Go and Subscription are the two main billing methods. At the same time, you can also choose billing methods such as preemptible instances and saving plans according to your business needs.

3.2 Instance Specifications

According to business scenarios and usage scenarios, ECS instances can be divided into various instance type families. According to the CPU, memory, and other configurations, an instance type family is divided into multiple instance types. The ECS instance specification defines the basic attributes of the instance: CPU and memory (including CPU model, main frequency, etc.). However, an ECS instance can uniquely determine the specific service form of an instance only when it cooperates with block storage, mirroring, and network types.

4. ECS Cloud Server Tutorial

With the rapid development of Internet technology, more and more applications rely on cloud computing platforms. Alibaba Cloud has received widespread attention and recognition for its rich product lines and high-quality services. Among them, the Alibaba Cloud ECS cloud server is the most important link in the cloud computing architecture. It is not only the core construction of the infrastructure, but also the hosting platform for business services.

4.1 Create an ECS cloud server

After registering an account on the Alibaba Cloud official website, log in to the console to enter the ECS cloud server management page. First, we need to create an ECS cloud server for subsequent operations. Specific steps are as follows:

• Select the "Instance" menu and click the "Create Instance" button to enter the "Purchase Page";
• Enter the basic information of the server on the "purchase page", such as instance type, region, availability zone, image, etc.;
• Select the corresponding network and security group according to actual needs;
• Set information such as purchase quantity, billing method and expiration time, and confirm the order;
• Click the "Create Instance" button and wait for the instance to be created.

4.2 Connect to cloud server

After the creation is complete, we need to connect to the ECS cloud server through SSH to perform related operations. The following are the specific steps to connect to the ECS cloud server:

• Open a terminal and enter the following command;
• Enter the password and press Enter to log in;
• When logging in for the first time, the system will prompt you to change the default password. Follow the prompts to change the password.
• After successfully logging in, you can perform related operations, such as uploading programs and modifying configurations.

4.3 Configure cloud server

Next, we need to perform a series of server configurations to meet actual business needs. The following are common server configuration operations:

• Install the web service
• Install database service
• Install FTP service

4.4 Backup and restore cloud server

In order to ensure the reliability and stability of the business, we need to back up and restore the ECS cloud server. Here are the steps to backup and restore:

• Backup cloud server
• Restoring cloud servers

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