Seven differences between ECS and Simple Application Server

Comparison of cloud server ECS and Simple Application Server products

1. Cloud server ECS

1.1 Applicable people: Individual or enterprise users with certain technical development skills.

1.2 Business scenarios: It can cover all business scenarios, typical scenarios such as general web applications, big data analysis, online games and deep learning.

1.3 Restrictions on use
• Only EBM servers and supercomputing clusters support secondary virtualization, and other specification families do not support virtualization software installation and secondary virtualization.

• Sound card applications are not supported.

1.4 Network

• Self-plan private network through private network, switch and other functions.

• Self-control traffic through security groups, network ACL and other functions.

• Connect to the public network through EIP, NAT gateway and other functions.

1.5 Mirroring

There are many types and numbers of images, including public images, custom images, shared images, and image market images, to meet the needs of various types of users for rapid deployment and flexible management of application environments.

1.6 Billing method

Supports subscription, pay-as-you-go, and preemptible instance billing methods to meet your needs for cost optimization and flexibility in a long-term period.
1.7 Product Advantages

• Provides a variety of instance specifications, and can flexibly change configurations according to different scenarios.
• Provide comprehensive security solutions and industry solutions.
• Provide rich OpenAPI.
• Support multiple billing methods.
• Provides elastic capacity expansion. Instances and bandwidth can be allocated up or down at any time, and cloud disks can be expanded.

2. Simple Application Server

2.1 Applicable people: Individual developers, students.

2.2 Business Scenarios: Applicable to Simple and low-traffic application scenarios

• Knowledge efficiency management
• E-commerce construction
• Website construction
• Development environment configuration
• Cloud learning environment

2.3 Restrictions on use

• Installation of virtualization software and secondary virtualization are not supported.
• Sound card applications are not supported.
• There are certain restrictions on intranet connectivity.
• Does not support configuring IPv6 addresses.
• Only one data disk is supported, and the data disk can only be mounted when creating a Simple Application Server.

2.4 Network

• Automatically create VPC network resources. After the instance is created, a public IP address is configured by default. Changing the public IP address is not supported.
• Simple configuration of firewall to control network access.
• The bandwidth is specified in the package, and does not support custom adjustment of bandwidth.
• Possess the ability of intranet intercommunication

2.5 Mirroring

Only the application images, system images provided by the product, or custom images generated by Simple Application Server are supported, which basically cover mainstream application scenarios and meet the basic needs of users.

2.6 Billing method

It only supports the purchase of package configurations and data disks in the form of yearly and monthly subscriptions, and the billing method of pay-as-you-go is adopted for the excess traffic outside the package.

2.7 Product Advantages

• Get started quickly

In addition to pure operating system images, the product provides different application images.

• Easy operation and maintenance

Provides basic operation and maintenance operations, including remote login, server monitoring, simple firewall configuration, data backup and migration, application management, operation logs, etc.

• Economical and practical

Cloud computing resources are provided in the form of packages with controllable costs.

• Flexible configuration

It supports upgrading to higher-configuration packages; it also supports smooth migration of server data to ECS instances to obtain more flexible resource allocation solutions.

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