The difference between the 2-core 4G and 2-core 8G configurations of the ECS server

Alibaba Cloud server 2-core 4G and 2-core 8G are high-configuration servers. Common models based on these two configurations are computing-type sn1ne instances, computing-type sn2ne instances, computing-type c5 instances, general-purpose g5 instances, and shared-type n4 instances. A shared mn4 instance.

1. 2-core 4G server

Computing sn1ne, computing c5, and shared n4 all provide cloud servers with this configuration. These configurations are fine for running company business, websites, projects, etc. It can also support common ASP programs, .NET programs, java programs, php programs, docker containers, etc.

Taking the most common website as an example, the server with this configuration can probably run about 100,000 visits per day. If the server is well optimized, it will support more traffic.

Alibaba Cloud generally equips servers with this configuration with 5M/6M bandwidth, which is not a problem for the operation of most enterprise-level businesses, websites, and apps.

2. 2-core 8G server

The 2-core 8G CPU-to-memory ratio is 1:4, which is suitable for business applications with high memory requirements and high consumption. Common shared mn4, general network enhanced sn2ne, and general g5 provide this configuration.

The application environment is mainly database cache, mobile game server, enterprise official website server, enterprise financial server, erp platform, etc., and any business that consumes memory that you can think of can be used.

3. The difference between 2-core 4G and 2-core 8G

3.1 Different models

The shared models mentioned at the beginning of this article are the previous generation models, and the shared model means the hyperthreading of the shared server;

The following models are all exclusive models, and there is no sharing situation.

Computing-type c5 and general-purpose g5 instances are exclusive models with strong computing performance;

On the basis of c5, the computing sn1ne instance and computing sn2ne instance have enhanced the function of sending and receiving packets on the network, that is, the network performance is better.

3.2 more than 4G memory

It is obvious that having more 4G memory greatly improves the number of concurrent visits to the website. To put it bluntly, it can accommodate more people to visit at the same time without the server crashing;

The game server allows more players to play online;

While the back-end database server improves the real-time query speed of data, the feedback speed to the front-end server is also faster.

Coupled with load balancing, the front-end program runs more happily, and visitors can use it easily and smoothly.

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