Problems connecting to instances remotely via VNC

1. What should I do if a black screen appears after connecting to the console VNC?

A black screen appears after connecting to the console VNC, indicating that the system is hibernating. Depending on the operating system, different operations are performed:

• If it is a Linux instance, you can press any key to activate the instance and enter the login interface.

• If the Windows instance has a persistent black screen, you can click Send Remote Command > CTRL+ALT+DELETE in the upper left corner of the interface to enter the login interface.

2. The console VNC prompts that authorization verification failed, how to solve it?

After entering the remote connection password, the prompt "authorization verification failed" may be because you have entered a wrong password. Please follow the steps below to troubleshoot:

• Verify that the correct remote connection password has been entered.

• If you forget the remote connection password, you can change the password and try again.

3. The console VNC cannot be accessed, what should I do?

You can enter the VNC interface of the console through a browser to troubleshoot problems. For example, using Chrome, press the F12 key on the keyboard to display the developer tools, and then analyze the information displayed in the Console.

4. Why can't I use console VNC?

5. When I use the browser to open the console VNC, an error will be reported that the secure connection failed. What should I do?

It is possible that the version of Firefox you are using does not have a shared encryption algorithm.

6. What should I do if two cursors appear after logging in to a Windows instance using VNC?

If two cursors appear after you log in to a Windows instance (instance type g7, c7, or r7) using VNC, follow the steps below to modify mouse-related settings:

• Modify the mouse settings in Control Panel.

1) Open the control panel, switch the view mode to small icons, and click the mouse.

2) In the Mouse Properties dialog box, click the Pointer Options tab, uncheck Improve pointer precision, and click OK.

• Modify mouse settings in the registry

1) Open Registry Editor.

2) On the left navigation bar, click HKEY_USERS, then select Edit > Find on the top menu bar.

3) Search for the keyword MouseSpeed and click Find Next.

4) Double-click the registry key MouseSpeed, modify the value data to 0, and click OK.

• Log in to the Windows instance using VNC again.

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