What should I do if the enhanced security configuration is blocking content from the following websites?

This article mainly introduces the corresponding solution when using IE browser to open the website and report an error on the Windows cloud server.

Problem Description

On the cloud server ECS or lightweight application server of the Windows operating system, when using the IE browser to open the website, the following error is displayed.

Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration is blocking content from the following websites

Problem Causes

To ensure the security of the Windows server, the IE enhanced security configuration is enabled by default when the IE browser is running. If you do not want to open the browser to prompt the above error, you can turn off the enhanced security configuration of IE.


You can refer to the following steps to disable IE enhanced security configuration to solve the above problem.

Note The operation in this article uses Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2016 as examples. Other versions of the operating system may be slightly different. The actual operating system shall prevail.

1. Remotely connect to the Windows instance.

For details, see Logging In to a Windows Instance Using Password or Key Authentication.

2. Select Start > Server Manager > Local Server, and click Enable to the right of IE Enhanced Security Configuration.

3. On the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration page, administrators check Off, users check Off, and then click OK to save the configuration.

4. Use IE browser to reopen the website, and confirm that the above error message is not displayed.

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