The Metaverse: Growth, Merits and Demeriits

Growth of the Metaverse

The metaverse's expansion offers incredible new opportunities for innovative business practices and more fascinating ways for workplace interaction. While the metaverse provides the possibilities for more quality workflows and virtual meeting rooms – it also contributes to an increased attack surface and new ways for exploitation by bad actors. Here, we'll discuss identity, access and Zero Trust in the metaverse era.

Considering various ways companies and individuals can use the metaverse, including both the digital and physical channels, the large data quantities alone pose a new generation of security difficulties.

A significant challenge facing this modern communications frontier will be the fast-paced acceleration in the growth of digital identities, which undoubtedly will pave new pathways for potential bad actors. The bone of contention is that IT leaders are still on the verge of mastering securing identities in this cloud-first world – and many are not prepared to face the challenges posed by the new meta verse landscape yet. Fortunately, there's a point to pick it up from. Having proper knowledge of the present digital identity landscape and its impact on the new virtual landscape, organizations can compete against the ever-increasing threats and attain digital resiliency.

Advantages of Metaverse

Metaverse offers numerous benefits in our fast-paced world with ever-increasing data volumes. Some of these benefits include:

Global Connection and Eliminating Physical Distance

The most obvious merit of the metaverse is that it eliminates geographical boundaries. The moment you are in the virtual world, your physical location is now irrelevant.

The metaverse will serve as a neutral space where everyone can meet and be deemed equal for most of it. Additionally, locating and meeting like-minded individuals will be simpler, feel more natural, and give you the feeling of comfort as you meet more new people from your home.

A More Immersive Experience

Imagine the metaverse as a 3D upgrade to the typical way people have used the internet—a fascinating way of experiencing the internet's various things.

The most notable merit of the metaverse is that you'll be more captivated by whatever you're doing. The pleasure and comfort you feel from your experience will most likely be multiplied In folds. Working out, socializing, playing games, and business meetings can all be done in this virtual environment.

Improving How Social Media Operates

Social media has been the most popular term in the last couple of years. Platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Quora and others are on the social aspect of the internet. And without any doubt, benefit from the upgrade into a 3D virtual environment.

Combining the capacity to create virtual spaces in the metaverse with the power of social media to generate shared online worlds is a potent combination that'd bring us to a quite dreamy but futuristic world. That experience, for now, is indescribable with mere words.

Everything You Need to Know About Metaverse (Its Downsides)

The identity landscape today is huge, and cybercriminals are leveraging this. However, many IT frontrunners are not so concerned about how the increase in identities makes corporations more open to attacks. Because of the changes in how and where we work, the race to the cloud, and a sudden hike in the use of automation, identities are increasingly growing.

These increasing volumes of identities from several sources aren't just challenging to control but also ideal for exploiting a company's weak areas. Noteworthy is that about 61% of the breaches in the previous year involved exploited credentials. IT and security leaders find it challenging to control the ever-increasing number of identities fully. Sadly, the growing use of the metaverse will undoubtedly increase the identity attack surface.

While this present identity landscape may already be weak, the metaverse will worsen not just the issues on the ground but also cause new problems — especially related to access. Metaverse users will mostly like be urged to access the modern digital world in several ways, from smartphones, gaming consoles, computers and more, leading to more usage and access areas for exploitation by criminals. Implying that they will need to learn better or new ways to manage access as identities continue to grow in the metaverse.

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