The Internet of Things: Everything You Need to Know About the Job Market

What does IoT mean in technology?Internet of Things(IoT)refers to physical devices that have software,sensors and computing capacity and other technologies that connect over the internet to exchange data with other devices.

Managing IoT infrastructure is challenging for many businesses due to network requirements such as high connection and ultra-low latency.These companies are looking to hire qualified tech experts to manage the infrastructure.

Below,you'll learn everything you need to know about the job market and your skills to succeed in the Internet of Things.

Overview of the IoT Market Trends

According to a report by Mordor Intelligence, the Internet of Things market value could reach $1.39 trillion by 2026, having reached $761,4 billion by 2020.

Retail, manufacturing and health care are among the industries where IoT technology is gaining traction the fastest. One of the most significant drivers of industrial IoT (IIoT) growth is the push toward Industry 4.0 in manufacturing. Different types of IoT technologies have also been developed for personal and home use.

IoT devices and related solutions are predicted to automate more corporate and home use cases as low-latency network connectivity for 5G, edge computing and cloud computing increases worldwide.

Job Categories in IoT

In the IoT employment market, most tech employees work with the IoT infrastructure, IoT applications or with the customers to help them apply those solutions.

● An IoT developer or IoT engineer can work on everything from creating IoT-based use cases and software to ensuring security.

● The IoT architect oversees designing and maintaining the infrastructure of IoT networks, which includes everything from devices, connections, the cloud and software.
● IoT researchers are focused on evaluating new IoT use cases and security advances that can enhance IoT solutions.
● IoT consultants help external corporations in implementing IoT technologies in their industries.

Qualifications Needed to Work in the Internet of Things Sector

IoT recruiting managers prefer candidates with at least a bachelor's degree in a technical field,such as computer science or computer engineering.

Candidates for IoT positions may additionally be required to have the following knowledge and experience,depending on the firm and the post they are applying for:

●A few years of software development experience,preferably cloud-based.
●Knowledge of AngularJS,JavaScript,Java,C,C#,Go,HTML5 and Python programming languages.
●Hands-on experience with machine learning(ML),blockchain,big data and artificial intelligence(AI).
●Industry-specific expertise for the IoT roles.

Job Opportunities for IoT

Jobs in innovative network technologies,such as edge computing and network infrastructure development,may appeal to tech professionals interested in the Internet of Things.

Many top companies are looking for people who want to work in a specialized role that is all about making,researching or maintaining IoT solutions.

According to LinkedIn,there are over 13,000 IoT-related job vacancies in the United States.Most IoT jobs are available at larger tech companies.

Internet of Things Jobs Salary

According to wage research conducted by ZipRecruiter,the average salary for IoT jobs in the United States is $118,086 per year.


Because most parts of the world lack the wireless networking capability to support significant numbers of IoT devices and use cases,IoT solutions are typically reserved for specific enterprise use cases.

As high-speed connectivity continues to gain traction,more businesses recognize the benefits of IoT solutions in automating processes and increasing efficiencies.

Tech experts should get into the IoT industry,where they can create the groundwork for future use cases.It is an excellent place to start an entrepreneurial IT career if you are skilled and like to invent new solutions.

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