Reshaping the Supply Chain in the Age of Intelligent Automation

What is Intelligent Automation?

Intelligent Automation (IA) combines artificial intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technologies which together empower rapid end-to-end business procedure automation and facilitate digital transformation.

Do you wish to implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your supply chain? If this is the case, then welcome aboard. Research has found that 37% of businesses, including supply chain companies, already benefit from solutions offered by AI. AI is expected to contribute about 16 trillion to the world's economic growth by 2030. The future of AI in the supply chain is undoubtedly promising and offers many benefits.

Looking at the statistics above, it is not so difficult to get the motivation to implement this technology. It is even more likely when you understand how artificial intelligence can enhance your supply chain operations. Here, we'll discuss the benefits of intelligent automation in today's fast-paced world —in supply chains and businesses.

Benefits of Intelligent Automation (AI) in Supply Chain

Lower Operating Costs

AI solutions in the supply chain help reduce operating costs by decreasing the workforce or labor required. In a manual supply chain, people perform checks for several product quality assessments and ensure the products are stored properly.

Hence, this process consumes a lot of time, and it's also labor-intensive. Intelligent automation using AI in such a supply chain ensures that a computer program does the job more efficiently and in less time.

Better Customer/ User Experience Through Chatbots

One of the numerous merits of artificial intelligence (AI) in managing supply chains can be seen in Chatbots. Chatbots can provide answers to questions or take orders from customers and also notify them of upcoming events or fresh products.

Improvement in Productivity

AI enhances productivity by automation of manual procedures. For instance, your workers may need to find information or base their decision-making on specific requirements, like item availability. This works well to improve productivity and reduce time wastage.

Quicker Delivery Time

Businesses are continuously searching for means to lessen the time it takes to make a delivery. Moreover, all companies want to get their products to customers more quickly. One great way to achieve this is by using AI in supply chain management.

This enables tracking of shipments and locating points in the procedures where there are delays and then finding ways to address them.

Accurate Inventory Management

Accurate inventory management is essential in businesses. It makes sure customer demands can be met, and it keeps your supply chain smoothly running. However, it's not simple to figure out how much inventory you require, especially when supply chains and product lines are complex.

This is where AI comes in, as it can help you predict future demands based on recent trends and previously gathered information. This is highly essential in bringing wastage to be minimal and improving efficiency.

Reduced Waste in the Transportation Network

Improving the supply chain can be done by using AI to figure out the safest and most cost-effective methods for product transportation. It can also perform data analysis on how many trucks are required, fuel and the time it'd take to get to the desired destinations. This information helps you determine the best options for transporting goods, reducing costs, and improving efficiency.

The Future of Supply Chain Automation

The most often asked question is about the future of intelligent automation (AI) in supply chain management. Supply chain management is crucial in businesses. Furthermore, supply chains are incredibly complex when considering all the various suppliers, goods, and services involved in getting products to consumers. Due to this, it can not be easy to get all aspects of the supply chain to operate efficiently.

This is where an example of Intelligent automation, the future of AI in the supply chain, comes to play. A digital supply chain is a more enhanced form of a company's supply chain. It enables simplification of the supply chain by improving efficiency and eliminating any chance for human errors. Using automated systems for inventory management and shipping logistics can help minimize costs and secure all the processes involved.

Some benefits of automation in the supply chain include:

● Safety: AI-based systems can assess any possibilities of a pending accident at any given time and day. This ensures cautionary measures are taken.
● Asset Maintenance: AI analyzes large data quantities to identify patterns that humans would typically miss. This enables asset failure predictions and helps prevent costly downtime.
● Energy Efficiency: Intelligent automation in the supply chain uses machine learning to ensure efficient energy management by identifying cost-effective transportation routes and providing better alternatives.
● Freight Management: It also helps with freight management by ensuring that you remain aware of ongoing shipments and their status, which allows for better planning.

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