Assessing Open-Domain Conversational Agents

What is an Open Domain Chatbot?

Open-domain chatbots are conversational agents that can function in vast areas and give relevant responses to most questions, including having substantial knowledge about the world.

They are distinguished from other chatbots because they perform various functions. Some of the widely known and used commercial chats are specific in function. But, open domain chatbots can perform multiple tasks just like regular people. A good example is their ability to respond to various comments from users.

But, the most notable quality of this technology is that it has its personality, typically acquired through training. We will briefly examine some of this technology's successes, challenges and solutions.

A lot of the chatbots nowadays are particular in functionality and conversation types (major on the domain they're being used) and users obviously cannot go outside their specific usage. These chatbots aren't excellent at retaining context from previously held conversations. They sometimes provide meaningless, non-conforming, illogical answers and, most times, quickly answer with, "I don't know."

Evaluation is one of the difficulties the chatbots face. There are no actual means of figuring out (quantitatively or using automation) whether an open-domain chatbot is performing well compared to a human.

Open Domain vs. Closed Domain Chatbot

An open domain conversation is like those had with friends and can be taken in any direction desired. It is informal, easily comparable to humans, and has no clear objective. This is precisely how open-domain chatbots function. They give logical and relevant answers to questions.

Closed domain conversations are objective-oriented and similar to one-to-one question and answer sessions. An answer is provided to a question, with clarification sort when necessary. Most closed-domain chatbots are specific in function and remain limited to the domain in which they operate.

Conversation Intelligence Software

Conversation intelligence is software that uses artificial intelligence to analyze text or speech to obtain data-driven insights from exchanges between customers and sales agents. It also serves teams in sales, customer satisfaction and experience, and sales to enhance customer experience buying and surely income generation.

Conversation Intelligence platforms use conversational AI or conversation analytics to obtain conversation insights.

Benefits of Conversational AI

● Accuracy
● Contactless customer experience
● Efficiency
● Upsell opportunities
● Reduction in operating costs
● Better customer experience


Conversational AI has brought an unprecedented change to many industries. Chatbots can be used across several domains, businesses, and industries after relevant training. Especially in the field of customer service, conversational AI has proven to be very useful. In sectors such as healthcare, banking and finance, and several other offices, chatbots can be put to various relevant uses. The choice of a chatbot depends widely on its application and the depth of information it is expected to provide in the concerned areas. A less sophisticated chatbot, preferably a closed-domain chatbot, should be used if it is precisely to offer pleasantries and ask or answer simple questions.

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