How to Achieve Green Intelligence in Industrial Scenarios

Date: Oct 28, 2022

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From Watt's steam engine beginning to roar, to Edison's electric lights illuminating the darkness, from Eniac turning 0s and 1s into a universal language, to the ubiquity of artificial intelligence. An industrial revolution will bring about a social evolution, and behind every technological upgrade, industrial upgrading is almost inevitable. However, the road of industrial development has never been smooth sailing. Only technology cannot achieve real greatness, ecological win-win, and sustainable development. These are the focus of attention.

On December 21, the second quarter finals of the "Green Intelligent Manufacturing Winning Plan" hosted by the International Economic and Technological Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Schneider Electric concluded in Shanghai. After more than half a year of accelerated training, scene visits and joint program development, the 10 companies that entered the finals demonstrated their PoC program verification results. In the end, Shanghai Huidu Intelligent System Co., Ltd. won the championship with its predictive maintenance program for key equipment in the cement industry. .

After the game, Pang Xingjian, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of China's industrial automation business, and Xu Yuehua, CEO of Shanghai Brightness Intelligent System Co., Ltd., discussed related topics together.

Indus attracts phoenix, innovation empowers start-ups

Schneider Electric, as one of the initiators and main supporters of the Green Smart Manufacturing Winning Program. Pang Xingjian said that compared with last year, the in-depth participation of the International Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has increased, while last year was dominated by enterprises and academia. The attention of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to the event fully reflects the current leading role in policy orientation. This "Green Intelligent Manufacturing Winning Plan" reflects the trend of "specialization, specialization and innovation" in terms of application scenarios and technology empowerment. It plays an important role in small and medium-sized enterprises, and the topic is quite professional. In this competition, many participants deeply integrated technologies such as blockchain and AIoT, which brought a new atmosphere to the diversity and innovation of the competition.

Of course, the innovation of the contestants comes from their own technical accumulation and the support of the organizers. Today, no company can master all the technologies and solutions in the industry chain. Large enterprises set up platforms to provide all start-up partners with the technical support they need, and this model has begun to attract attention. This is also the main reason why Schneider Electric continues to expand co-organizers to provide more capabilities, thereby empowering small and medium-sized enterprises.

As the second event, Schneider Electric constantly emphasizes the cultural concept of openness and transparency. Pang Xingjian said that only by making the innovation system more open and transparent can customers and more start-ups be willing to join the platform. They can gain greater power and grow rapidly on this platform, while at the same time promoting the integrity of Schneider Electric's overall solution.

Therefore, this is a win-win situation for both customers and SMEs, and many customers face the obstacle of "getting through the last mile" of digital transformation. The more this is the case, the more it is necessary to give full play to the flexible and rapid iteration characteristics of start-ups. Schneider Electric has built a stable platform so that they can continue to innovate.

In the process of innovation, basic innovation and applied innovation complement each other. The definition of innovation is not static. When a new technology is used in industry expansion, most of the time it will be found that it has been used in other industries, but this is also an innovation for industry expansion. Each industry has its own characteristics. When a new industry encounters new challenges, it is necessary to seek breakthroughs in basic innovation. For start-ups participating in the "Green Intelligent Manufacturing Winning Plan", application innovation should be the first, because start-up companies have developed to today, almost all of them have started from basic innovation step by step. When meeting the application needs of the industry, they will continue to deepen the basic innovation and accelerate the application innovation.

Pang Xingjian believes that the "Green Intelligent Manufacturing Winning Plan" is a school that never has a graduation ceremony, and organizes everyone to return to school every year. Schneider Electric maintains close ties with innovative companies and will combine applied innovation and fundamental innovation in the future.

Performing their respective duties, technology start-ups can also open up the market
Since it was held for the second time, the influence of the "Green Intelligent Manufacturing Winning Plan" has gained new development. From the perspective of participation, more than 100 companies have signed up for the first "Winning Plan". This year's "Winning Plan" has more than 200 companies that have signed up, and 120 companies have actually entered the official list through screening. In the competition, it is not easy to break out of more than 120 companies and finally participate in the PoC link. So many companies are willing to actively participate, and there are more and more technology and start-up companies, which can also prove from the side that the influence of the competition is expanding, and more companies are willing to use the platform to create a more complete solution.

In the future, the competition will continue to deepen the existing scenes, and further cross-border by opening up horizontally. In the end, it is guided by customer value and truly creates value for customers. More importantly, Schneider Electric will also continue to pay attention to the theme of the unity of economic and social benefits, help companies achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, and help companies achieve win-win economic benefits under the condition of digital transformation.

Brightness Intelligence was able to break through the siege and win the championship this time because its projects can truly bring value to customers. Xu Yuehua said that before the competition, Schneider Electric had paid attention to the brightness project. In the process of business operation, Brightness is a technology-driven company. The founder has a technical background. Therefore, in the process of entrepreneurship, technical thinking dominates, and this is also a big threshold encountered in the early stage of entrepreneurship. If the technology penetrates too deeply in the business process, it may fall behind in terms of projects and channels.

After connecting to the Schneider Electric open ecosystem, Schneider Electric can support enterprises to land and do related things. Brightness is also constantly adjusted during this process. Cooperation allows them to continuously dig deep into technology, and Schneider Electric can solve problems such as market channels. Both parties perform their duties and have almost become a team. Xu Yuehua believes that Brightness has been developing for several years. With the help of Schneider Electric, it has gained a new understanding of the market and will grow very rapidly in the next 3 to 5 years.

Explore the future and work with partners to promote industrial change
When faced with these industrial scenarios, Schneider Electric will face problems together with partners and customers. There are also various cooperation methods to choose from. Customers can directly contact partners or make integrated solutions through Schneider Electric. Only Only in this way can an open ecosystem be built.

Schneider Electric will also integrate the solutions of partners, and work with partners to develop markets and open up more industries. In each scenario, we will continue to expand application innovation and technological innovation with our partners, and jointly build, co-create, and participate in more depth. The way of cooperation in the future may be a technical partner or a business partner.

Pang Xingjian also said that the "Green Intelligent Manufacturing Winning Plan" is a scenario solution jointly created by Schneider Electric and its partners. Several other plans will be launched in 2021, such as the edge control track of the Edge Computing Developer Competition. , based on the EcoStruxure open automation platform, Schneider Electric and its partners will further promote the exchange and integration of the open automation concept behind it with researchers and users. Digitization is profoundly affecting traditional automation and industrial fields, and the choices in these application scenarios will not only focus on a single point.

Schneider Electric attaches great importance to the diversification of application scenarios, and hopes to extract some core technologies to expand in more industries. In this PoC session, industries ranging from cement to food seem to be completely irrelevant industries, but these industries can find commonalities in terms of equipment dimensions and other aspects, and they will not be guaranteed by technology. Unplanned downtime, over-maintenance and under-repair situations occur to avoid unplanned downtime resulting in material loss or equipment loss.

In addition to diversification, after deepening the technology, it is also necessary to realize productization, tooling, and configurability, so that tools do as little code editing as possible, but do more code reuse to improve interoperability between systems It can improve production efficiency, engineering efficiency and development efficiency for users. In fact, there is still a lot of things to do in the future industry. What needs to be emphasized now is that the future industry needs more open automation, using more software to empower traditional hardware, allowing IT technology to penetrate into OT technology, and using more engineering capabilities. To reflect Schneider Electric's understanding of the process, and ultimately achieve the overall benefits and the improvement of energy transformation. This is a problem that must be solved in the future scenarioization, and it is also a development direction in the future.

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