A Suitable Innovation for 5G Cloud Monetization: Video Analytics at the Edge

Both the capital expenditure (CAPEX) and the operating expenditures (OPEX) of the 5G telecom operators are expected to decrease with the development of a programmable software architecture for telecommunication operations. The prospect of innovations and increased income for both the telecoms sector and the cloud ecosystem is intriguing to many of us who work in this field. This is made possible by integrating telecommunications, the cloud, and edge technologies.

Video analytics has been the most prominent traffic type on the web since the debut of the 4G network. With the onset of the 5Gnetwork, there will be many new solutions for businesses, from retail to manufacturing to healthcare and forest monitoring, using deep learning and AI for video analytics scenarios, in addition to an increase in the amount of video traffic. Companies may now provide new services for which they can charge their consumers, thanks to the symbiotic growth of video analytics and edge computing.

Video Analytics Edge Computing

Video analytics is the ideal service 5G operators can host on their edge computing servers since edge computing is the spark that is causing the convergence of the two architectures.

Technology for 5G Cloud Monetization

We can think of several effective ways for 5G contractors to make money from video analytics services. Think about accident-prevention strategies and traffic monitoring in smart cities. Real-time video analysis from self-driving cars' cameras is being integrated with a related application. Moreover, take into account contemporary smart organizations where private 5G network solutions naturally include end-to-end experiences with video analytics and mixed reality. Examples include managing equipment and robotics in networked industries, client needs and services in restaurants and retail establishments, or foot traffic in sports venues.

Future of 5G Cloud

People from all across the world will regularly access and utilize 5G networks in the next years. With its high-capacity and low-latency connection, 5G networks will continue to be valuable across sectors and serve a wide range of sophisticated and practical applications. Many companies claim that 5G networks are the perfect environment for privacy-preserving live video analytics apps. Paving the way for the creation of the subsequent generation of live video analytics apps will be more secure, more effective, and more enjoyable and will help further research and innovation.

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