Three Ways AI Technologies are Expanding IoT Solutions

Cameras, microphones, and a wide range of sophisticated sensors utilized in IoT systems are progressively linking the real and digital worlds together. Using AI-powered devices, solutions may swiftly analyze medical imaging for potentially significant abnormalities, listen to equipment noises for maintenance issues, or provide more comprehensive remote monitoring in a range of situations.

Three Ways AI and Computer Vision are Helping Businesses

The capacity of AI technologies to evaluate massive volumes of data quicker than humans and make real-time choices is their strength. Here are four ways that IoT solutions powered by Intel and Azure technologies are assisting in a variety of scenarios:

1. Improving Widely Used IoT Enabled Applications

AI, computer vision, and audio or voice technologies may be used to improve typical IoT-enabled operations like remote monitoring and predictive maintenance. When movement or unexpected activities are detected, automated analysis of numerous video streams can give fast warnings. Telemedicine technology can remotely monitor patients at home thanks to computer vision. Microphones can capture and analyze sound from industrial machinery to detect variations from typical operating noises, indicating whether maintenance is needed soon.

2. Improving Worker Safety, Patient Care, and Customer Service

Combining computer vision and AI technologies can make humans safer. These technologies can automatically detect problems in medical photographs and alert medical workers which photos require additional study to aid medical technicians in scanning medical images. AI and machine learning systems can scan video streams to monitor employee safety and warn them of possible hazards. A comparable system may limit client numbers in a crowded environment, as well as check inventory and warn personnel when things need to be re-ordered in retail outlets.

3. Reducing Developer and User Complexity

Even as IoT devices and services evolve, technology companies strive to make their implementation as simple as possible. Both Intel and Azure encourage developers to create IoT plug-and-play devices and provide toolkits that connect easily and accelerate deployment. This approach makes products and systems more intelligible for individuals who use them daily.

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