Master Data Management Services and Tools

Business challenges include consolidating, organizing, and making data accessible across organizational silos. To successfully implement AI and machine learning projects and, eventually, to produce greater data-driven decisions, they need quick, flexible access to consumers, products, and location data.

In order to tackle these challenges, master data management generates quick and scalable insights that improve customer experience, foster innovation, decrease process errors, and aggressively detect and reduce risks.

Master Data Management Benefits

Access to Self-service

Increased self-service accessibility to trusted data should be managed and more secure.

Increased Insight

To facilitate detailed analysis and better insights, provide and operationalize master data.

Managing Consent

Obtain consent to support management and legal compliance.

Increased Effectiveness

To manage the data better and effectively, use simple dashboards.

Management Data Management Solutions

Data Fabrics

Data Should be Connected to a Single Master Version

All data sources may be quickly accessed across hybrid, multi-cloud setups using a data fabric. For all data to be connected to and generated from a single master version, without even any isolated and possibly inaccurate offshoots, this feature is crucial for master data management.


Consistent, Reliable Data Drives Outcomes

One of the main tenets of DataOps is the development of reliable client and product data via master data management across various apps and resources. The end-to-end data pipelines require constant, regulated data to achieve the greatest results.

Master Data Management Tools


Description: Data discovery and profiling, metadata management, data quality management, big data processing, master and reference data management, data catalog, and integration are all components of Ataccama’s enhanced data management platform. Even though the product is fully integrated, any user, data, domain, or deployment method can be used with it. Along with data enrichment from outside sources and data lake profiling, Ataccama also offers text machine learning and analytics services.


Description: Through its open-source tools, Pimcore enables customers to consolidate master data across disparate system landscapes. Any master data domain (customer, product, employee, asset, reference, location, partner/vendor, IoT) can be used with the product. Pimcore supports both analytical and operational MDM and provides configurable data models, a variety of implementation techniques, and these features. Hierarchy management, data quality, rich content integration, workflow management, and audit trail are important aspects.

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