IoT and Aggregation: A Brief Overview

The internet of things (IoT) is a system of interconnected smart devices, mechanical and digital machinery, animals, objects or people that may share data without interacting with other people or computers.

You can set up connections to IoT platforms and specify how to incorporate data from IoT devices into assets and location meters in the Administration Work Center.

You can specify the aggregated data you want to map to an asset or location meter if your IoT platform supports data aggregation.

When establishing endpoints for your platform integration, you may request for sample aggregate data for a certain device type. A list of the property names for the various aggregate kinds that the platform offers for the requested device type is returned by request. Enter the Group Level for Data Aggregation field to setup the endpoint to retrieve the attributes used by the IoT platform to group aggregate data.

When mapping data from your IoT platform to an asset or location meter, you may select the Aggregated option on the Map Data Schemas page of the IoT Connector wizard. Then you may choose one of the following aggregate methods:

• Manually enter an aggregation property.
• Choose the right property for your mapping after identifying aggregate properties in a device type schema you obtained from a connected device.

The aggregation properties returned in the sample are shown in the drop-down list in the Value field if you obtain properties from a connected device. The asset or location meter's kind of aggregate can be chosen.

The values in the Time Period field correspond to the outcomes returned for the endpoint's Group Level for Data Aggregation field. You can choose the time frame for averaging asset and location meter data.

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