FinOps Accountability and Automation: How to Reduce Cloud Cost Waste

Getting your technical teams to take action to limit cloud expenses is a typical difficulty for FinOps practitioners, regardless of whether your annual cloud spend is $5 million or $50 million. IT teams struggle greatly with comprehending application dependencies and have limited insight into licensing and cloud usage, which makes it difficult for them to take confident action. The effort to connect data and insights across cloud-native technologies is too difficult and time consuming, especially as 89% of firms are adopting a multi-cloud strategy. It is simpler for engineering teams to overprovision to prevent application performance difficulties and compliance hazards.

On average, firms waste 32% of their cloud budgets. The expense of using the cloud consumes money that could be used for innovation and other requirements when it exceeds six or seven figures. Why is it so tough to manage cloud spending? Asset management teams may find it challenging to discount public cloud possibilities, and hybrid settings make ingestion much more difficult. IT teams must have cross-cloud accountability and visibility in order to connect cloud utilization to application needs. How can businesses act with confidence to maximize cloud resources?

FinOps Accountability and Automation

FinOps, a growing discipline in cloud financial management, enables teams to take ownership of cloud utilization through the use of standardized vocabulary, principles, and procedures. Information, Optimization, and Operation are the three stages of the FinOps framework, which can assist firms in developing effective and structured efforts for cloud optimization.

● Inform: The first stage of the FinOps concept, inform, focuses on helping IT understand the deployed and accessible cloud resources by enhancing visibility. This enables them to allocate relevant spending within the business units that use cloud services and charge back accordingly. This involves being aware of how software utilizes cloud resources. What percentage of your $10,000 monthly cloud cost, for instance, goes to applications that support financial applications instead of those used by external websites?
● Optimize: The FinOps framework’s next phase, Optimize, focuses on finding potential for cost savings. Where may your company use discounts based on current utilization to right-size its resources? Could you save money by relocating a virtual machine (VM) that you are now running on a certain node, which costs you $1 per minute, to a node that costs only $0.08 per minute instead? This is a fantastic chance to take advantage of price and discounting opportunities, but only if you can solve the equation for licensing savings by using the proper license restrictions. You wouldn’t want to switch nodes just to discover that your license is invalid and that your costs have increased by fourfold.
● Operate: The FinOps framework’s final phase is called operate. Automation assists firms in putting policies into place to continuously change cloud resources to reduce costs while also guaranteeing application performance and licensing compliance regulations provide for governance when carrying out procedures after optimization efforts have been put in place. For instance, delaying shifting workloads to a new node may improve application performance but increase costs owing to licensing.

Increasing Application and Cloud Spending Performance

Successful FinOps framework operations depend on automation based on data and insights as well as accountability through reporting. Consider that you wish to seize possibilities. How can you use a SQL server in a hybrid environment while staying within the limitations of your licensing mobility? How can you ensure app performance and licensing compliance while making the most of your cloud provider investment opportunities?

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