Create a Data-Driven Culture to Boost Innovation

As businesses grow, new tools and resources are required to enable them to harness the value of their data from any location and to foster a data-driven culture.

Data Driven for Innovation

A data-driven culture causes the capacity to extract fast and accurate business insights from all data sources. Analytic services for modern enterprises must not be constrained by data types, processing engines, organizational borders, or data expertise.

Synapse Analytics today, an unlimited analytics service that combines enterprise data warehousing and big data analytics into a single experience for ingesting, preparing, managing, and serving data for urgent BI and machine learning requirements. We took the same production-leading Structured Query Language (SQL) Data Warehouse and improved its capabilities and performance. Companies may continue to run existing data warehouse workloads in production with Synapse Analytics today and will instantly benefit from additional preview capabilities.

When firms enhance their data with that of their customers and partners, the most profound insights frequently emerge. Data Share, which enables simple data sharing across organizational boundaries, is now broadly accessible. Organizations can retain a unified view of all data sharing connections, simply set conditions of use, and control data access in a transparent and safe manner.

Finally, Data Factory data flows turn Data Factory into a really comprehensive extract, transform, and load (ETL) solution with code-first and code-free data ingestion, transformation and preparation capabilities in a simple, visual interface.

Developers' analytics services provide enterprises with unrivaled performance for reasoning over all of their data, while also providing the peace of mind they expect from developers in terms of data governance, security, and compliance.

With the preview of SQL Database Edge, we are also extending the power of SQL to the edge. Edge computing scenarios benefit from data streaming, storage, full-time series support, and AI capabilities provided by SQL Database Edge.

When enterprises consider updating their SQL workloads in the cloud, SQL performs better on developers. Developers SQL Database is a fully managed, evergreen cloud database service provided by the business that invented and mastered SQL over the last 25 years. According to an impartial GigaOm analysis, developers' SQL Database is the clear price-performance winner, with up to 86 percent expense savings over competitors.

Future-Ready Innovation

Building trust in the cloud to enable today's innovation and future product vision makes it much simpler for enterprises to invest in a data-driven company. Developers continue to invest in developing their database capabilities across NoSQL, SQL, and open source, ensuring that enterprises are prepared for the future.

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