Characteristics of Apache CouchDB

Apache CouchDB is an open-source NoSQL database built on common standards to improve Web accessibility and device compatibility. NoSQL databases are excellent for very large quantities of distributed data, particularly big data's vast volumes of non-uniform data in multiple forms.

Why Use Apache CouchDB

CouchDB's architectural architecture allows it to be exceptionally adaptive for dividing databases and scaling data over several nodes. CouchDB enables horizontal partitioning and replication to provide a simple solution for balancing read and write loads during a database deployment.

Features of CouchDB

Here is a list of CouchDB's most appealing features:

Storage of Documents - CouchDB is a NoSQL database specializing in document storage. The documents are a fundamental data unit, with each field having a unique name and containing values of different data kinds like text, numeric, Boolean, lists, and so on. There is no fixed restriction for element count or text size in documents.

Browser-Based GUI - The CouchDB has a Futon interface that allows for a browser-based GUI to manage your data, permissions, and setup.

Replication - CouchDB produces the most basic kind of replication. No other database is as straightforward to replicate.

ACID Characteristics - The CouchDB file layout adheres to all ACID properties. The data will not be overwritten after it is written to the CD. Document modifications (add, edit, delete) adhere to Atomicity, meaning they will be stored entirely. There will be no partly saved or changed documents in the database. Almost all of these updates are serialized, and any number of clients can read a document without interruption.

Free  JSONP - If you change your configuration to allow jsonp = true, your database will be cross-domain accessible for GET queries.

Session Support and Authentication - CouchDB allows you to keep your authentication open by using a session cookie-like web app.

Security - CouchDB offers database-level security as well. Per database, permissions are divided into readers and administrators. Readers can read and write to the database.

Validation - By integrating validation with authentication, you can confirm that the document's originator is the one who is logged in.

Reduce List and Show: The map/reduce system is the driving force behind the reputation of CouchDB and MongoDB.

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