Artificial Intelligence's Possibilities and Difficulties in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence is the capacity of a computer-controlled robot or digital computer to execute tasks often associated with intelligent individuals. The phrase is widely given to the endeavor of producing systems with human-like cognitive processes, such as the ability to reason, generalize, discover meaning, or learn from prior experience. Since the introduction of the digital computer in the 1940s, it has been proved that computers can be taught to perform extremely complicated jobs with great skill, such as playing chess or finding proofs for mathematical theorems. Despite ongoing increases in computer processing speed and memory capacity, no programs can yet match human adaptability across broader fields or in activities requiring extensive everyday knowledge. Some programs have surpassed the efficiency levels of human professionals and experts in performing specific tasks, so artificial intelligence in this specific way can be found in applications ranging from medical diagnosis to computer search engines to voice or handwriting recognition.

Top Common Challenges of Artificial Intelligence

Computing Power

The amount of energy puts most developers off these power-hungry algorithms use. Deep Learning and Machine Learning are the key steps of modern Artificial Intelligence, and they require an increasing number of cores and GPUs to perform properly. We have concepts and skills to apply deep learning frameworks in a variety of disciplines, including asteroid monitoring, healthcare deployment, cosmic body tracing, and many more.

Trust Deficit

One of the most significant causes causing concern for AI is the uncertain nature of how deep learning models forecast output. For a layperson, understanding how a certain collection of inputs might design a solution for many types of issues is tough. Many people throughout the world are unaware of the usage or presence of artificial intelligence, as well as how it is interwoven into common objects they interact with, such as smartphones, banking, smart TVs, and even automobiles.

Inadequate Knowledge

Although there are many areas in the industry where Artificial Intelligence may be used as a superior alternative to traditional methods, the fundamental issue is a lack of understanding of Artificial Intelligence. Apart from college students, technology enthusiasts, and academics, only a small number of individuals are aware of AI's potential.

Opportunities of Artificial Intelligence in Business 

AI can help businesses build a new generation of goods and services, notably in industries where European enterprises already have a significant presence, such as circular and green economy, machinery, healthcare, farming, fashion, and tourism. It has the potential to raise sales, increase manufacturing quality and productivity, improve equipment maintenance, improve customer service, and save energy.

Opportunities of Artificial Intelligence in Public Services

AI in public services may lower costs, open up new opportunities in public transportation, education, energy, and trash management, and increase product sustainability. AI might help the EU Green Deal achieve its aims in this approach.


AI will not be able to replace physicians. Just the same as biochemical analyzers do not replace lab scientists, the use of AI does not endanger doctors. On the contrary, it will encourage the doctor's function to be reshaped. AI research should not be restricted to reporting accuracy and sensitivity but should instead focus on the nature of illnesses, such as etiology and pathophysiology, and should expand our awareness and knowledge of biology. 63 More individuals will identify interpretable algorithms, bringing AI-based medical therapy into people's lives. We must enhance our study on the applicable ethics, legislation, and AI oversight as soon as feasible. In addition, we must create a massive public database including information such as human genomic data.

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