Advantages of a Content Delivery Network(CDN)

A content delivery network, or CDN, is a system of servers dispersed throughout the internet to help users access online content faster. As websites become increasingly dynamic with images, videos, and other rich media files, they begin to struggle under their own weight. A CDN can help your website load faster and be more efficient by storing copies of your website’s files in strategic locations so that users have an easier time accessing them. The system's group of nodes help reduce the distance between your website’s visitors and its resources.

Benefits of Using a CDN for your Site

● Increased Website Speed - Not only will your website load faster, but your search engine ranking will increase as well. The extent that your website speed increases will depend on the CDN provider you choose. In fact, many CDN providers will guarantee the increase in speed — or your money back.
● Secure Content Delivery - A CDN is capable of storing your website and files in different servers located in different countries. This way, your website is distributed among several servers. In case one server goes offline, other servers will continue to serve your website content. This ensures that your website remains accessible, even if one server goes down due to maintenance or a cyber attack.
● Affordability - Depending on the amount of traffic your website receives, it can be very expensive to host your website on one server. A CDN can help alleviate some of these costs by distributing those costs among many servers managed by different providers. These providers charge a fee for providing the service, but it’s usually less than what you would pay to host your website on one server. Plus, you get the added benefits of a CDN.
● Maintain Quality of Service (QoS) - When your website is hosted on one server, you have no control over how many people visit it at once. Imagine you have a website with images that are large-sized and need a significant amount of time to load. When there are several visits to your website at the same time, the people visiting your site may get an error message. A CDN can help solve this issue. It will distribute your content among multiple servers. This will help ensure that all website visitors receive your content without issue.
● CDN as a Security Tool - If you have a blog that receives comments, you are aware of the potential dangers that come from allowing visitors to post comments on your website. A CDN can help protect you from comment spam by filtering out unwanted content. Some CDN providers will provide protection against comment spam, malware, and even DDoS attacks.

Last Stretch

The internet was designed to be a system that provides information quickly and efficiently. However, as the internet grows in popularity, we are starting to see some of the downfalls of the current system. When too many people access the same server, the server can become overloaded, slowing down its response time and potentially even crashing. A content delivery network is designed to distribute the resources of a website among multiple servers in order to alleviate this issue. Because each server only has a small portion of the website’s data, the overall response time is greatly reduced.

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