7 Recruiting Automation Use Cases

How frequently do you question whether there is a simpler way to complete a task in relation to hiring? Automation is the solution, so the answer to that question is "yes."

Hiring process automation speeds up and more effectively moves prospects through the pipeline while saving time and money. It relieves recruiters of menial work so they may concentrate on interacting with the top applicants who are currently accessible.

The straightforward methods to automate your hiring process are listed below.

1. Interact with the Talent you Already Have

You may know people who expressed interest in positions that were open but didn't apply. It's possible that they simply looked about the job site without taking any more action. Others may have submitted rejected applications to previous openings, but because they don't frequently visit your job site, they are unaware of when brand-new chances become available.

These potential candidates can be found using automation, and you can bring them back when a position becomes available. Automation technologies like Herefish help you match your potential and current applications to vacant opportunities to ensure that you are only contacting the most suitable people on your radar.

They'll only see the jobs that match their skills and interests, so you won't be spamming your contacts with notifications every time you publish a new position.

2. Include Chatbots on your Employment Site

AI-powered recruiting chatbots function nearly as virtual recruiting assistants. Candidates can interact with chatbots to interact with instant responses to frequently asked queries rather than engaging in a drawn-out, laborious email exchange with a recruiter.

Without pausing, recruiting chatbots from companies like Staffing Engine and Sense may pre-screen applicants, resolve application-related ambiguities, and even assist in scheduling interviews. Therefore, applicants can submit their applications immediately away. Stop waiting for recruiters to reply to their messages!

3. Redesign your Hiring Procedure

It is frequently difficult to find an interview time that is convenient for both candidates and recruiters. But happily, there are several automatic solutions available that can help you get rid of this issue.

Numerous recruiting solutions include calendar-based capabilities to automate schedule synchronization. Staffing Referrals' calendar feature is the sole solution that interacts with Bullhorn, enabling recruiters to send interview invitations directly from their ATS. After submitting their application, candidates can simply arrange interviews, reschedule them, and cancel them without contacting the recruiter via email.

What happens, though, if neither party is able to agree on a time? Automation can be used to gather and organize one-way video interview responses to different screening questions. With this strategy, recruiters can conduct interviews with more prospects in a shorter amount of time. By using AI-powered technologies to assess video answers, you may further streamline the process.

4. Use Resume Screening to Eliminate Individuals Who are Unqualified

More than 40% of the resumes sent to hiring managers are from candidates lacking the necessary qualifications. And 78% of job seekers submit applications for openings for which they are ineligible. Therefore, it takes a lot of time for recruiters to sift through applications in search of applicants with the necessary qualifications.

By learning the job requirements and then identifying the applicants who are truly eligible for the position, resume screening software automate this procedure.

5. Quickly Compile a Shortlist Using Skill Evaluations

Employers can find the best candidates by using automated skills assessments to evaluate their performance in a variety of areas, from preferred work styles to mastery of position-specific skills and knowledge.

You can collaborate with a customer to develop a standardized project or choose from a variety of pre-made skills tests available on the market. Without doing a formal examination, AI can be used to forecast candidates' personality and job appropriateness, which will accelerate the hiring process even further.

6. Boost Candidate Interaction

In order to bring applicants forward, whether you've already ruled them out or not, continual communication is essential. More than half of applicants don't get informed when they're rejected, and 61% report getting no response two months after applying. A protracted delay without updates makes candidates unwilling to apply through your agency again.

Fortunately, automating the solution to this problem is one of the simpler ones. Candidates won't be kept in the dark debating whether to submit their resume again because automated answers to applications let them know their resume is in the hands of your recruiters. You can also create auto-responders and templates for each stage of your hiring process to keep candidates updated, whether or not they are hired.

Regular communication, not just when there is a new job vacancy, would benefit everyone in your talent pool, even those who haven't yet applied. Automated messages may occasionally provide interesting, pertinent information that they might utilize in their job quest. This communication keeps potential applicants in touch and identifies individuals who have stopped applying.

7. Expand Your Talent Pool by Requesting Referrals

You may already be aware that one of the finest places to find highly qualified individuals is through referrals. However, your recruiters already have a lot on their plates; managing a referral program on top of that will be challenging for them.

Fortunately, by investing in recommendation automation software created for hiring firms, you may fill your talent pool with great prospects. By doing this, your connections can recommend candidates to you and track their referrals without contacting a recruiter. Additionally, without sending out additional screening tests or publishing on additional job sites, recruiters can add pre-qualified resumes to their database.

To Hire Elites, Work Smart, Not Harder

Looking at your recruiting pipeline and determining which stages take the longest or entail the most tiresome, repeated procedures will help you create an automated recruiting system. Has the sending of application confirmations been a source of complaint for your recruiters? Does choosing an interview time take a week? Automate everything, everything, everything.

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