IDC leads China DevOps market

Introduction: Recently, International Data Corporation (IDC), the world's leading professional market research organization, released the "IDC MarketScape: Evaluation of Chinese DevOps Platform Market Vendors, 2022" report. This report conducts a comprehensive evaluation of China's mainstream DevOps cloud vendors from two dimensions: Strategies and Capabilities. With its advanced concepts, technical services, ecology and outstanding performance in the market, Alibaba Cloud Yunxiao ranks first in the dimension of product capabilities and continues to lead the Chinese DevOps market.

According to the IDC report, Alibaba Cloud DevOps has the following four core advantages:

Advanced concept: Continue to build products and service customers with the advanced concept of BizDevOps, and implement product implementation through solutions such as single/multi-project agile collaboration, continuous deployment and delivery, graded quality protection, cloud-native DevOps, scenario-based measurement and improvement, and help enterprises. Realize business value quickly.

Full-link digitization: Build a digital indicator system for production and research based on the value flow diagram (VSM), which fully covers the multi-dimensional data statistics needs of teams, projects, iterations, demands, and quality management, and provides a basis for efficiency decision-making for various scenarios of efficiency management.

One-stop service: The function covers the whole life cycle of product development, and there are efficient tools to support the efficiency improvement in each stage of "requirement - development - testing - release - operation and maintenance - operation", and it is integrated with computing, storage, middleware, DingTalk, etc. Numerous Alibaba Cloud products and services are deeply integrated, deepening the value of the full-link digital R&D collaboration platform, and better empowering enterprise development.

Security guarantee: Relying on Alibaba Cloud's powerful security, storage and stability technical guarantees, multi-center and de-storage operation and maintenance monitoring and comprehensive automated quality assurance are realized. It has passed the third-level certification of the Ministry of Public Security's network security level protection 2.0, ISO 27001 information security management system standard certification, and ISO 9001 quality management system certification. Endorsement of safety certification body.

Cloud Effect Development History

In 2012, Alibaba promoted the implementation of DevOps in the Alibaba Group ecosystem. In 2017, the cloud effect transported Alibaba's years of practice and methods in the field of DevOps to the industry. It is closely integrated with "cloud" and provides project collaboration for developers and enterprises on the cloud. , code hosting, pipeline, online IDE, test management, product warehouse, cloud-native application delivery, performance insight and other complete enterprise-level one-stop production-research collaboration tool chain to achieve the full link of demand, development, testing, release, operation and maintenance Open, business, product, development, testing, operation and maintenance multi-role online efficient collaboration.

Cloud effect enterprise-level one-stop production-research collaboration capability matrix

After 10 years of polishing, Cloud Effect has been comprehensively improved in terms of product usability, digital intelligence, and security. It provides a variety of intelligent tools, such as intelligent code review, security scanning, and defect prediction, to help developers better use the cloud. ; The product ecology seamlessly connects with cloud native technologies such as Alibaba Cloud Container, EDAS, and Serverless, and connects with DingTalk, effectively reducing the cost of developers using new cloud native technologies and the cost of organizing product R&D collaboration.

In the process of serving customers, it provides enterprises with advanced production-research collaboration concepts and practical methods. Among them, advanced concepts such as BizDevOps, lean management, and agile R&D have always been the key elements to lead the iteration of cloud-efficient products. The product solutions precipitated by advanced concepts and the Alibaba R&D effectiveness three-pronged series courses produced by the cloud effect expert group have served hundreds of thousands of enterprises in different industries such as finance, government, securities, insurance, manufacturing, funds, retail, real estate, energy, and technology. Customers, truly let the products of enterprises in all walks of life innovate and iterate rapidly, and continue to realize business value.

At present, the collaboration of production and research under the digital transformation of enterprises has put forward higher requirements for DevOps, and cloud efficiency has continuously made breakthroughs in the innovation and transformation of new technologies and new practices.

In terms of helping enterprises cope with the challenges brought about by business complexity and scale growth, Yunxiao's "end-to-end production-research collaboration solution" has successfully helped retail enterprises Xianfeng Fruit to improve project delivery capabilities and delivery quality, achieving 85% of the demand within two weeks. The release went online, the number of online problems dropped by 20%, the R&D model underwent a fundamental change, and the digital transformation of the R&D process was successfully achieved.

Through the practice of "application-centric continuous delivery", the cloud effect AppStack application delivery platform can help enterprises such as Xinnuyun to abstractly configure different environments as resources in the AppStack resource pool, so that multiple environments can be implemented in a single platform. Deployment management and control, accurately release the corresponding version for different environments, and easily monitor the deployment and operation of different environments.

So far, Yunxiao has helped many companies such as Bank of Nanjing and SAIC-GM successfully complete DevOps transformation, and helped fast-growing companies such as Xianfeng Fruit, Sunmi Technology, and Kayou Zone to achieve cloud-native DevOps implementation, with a total of one million developers. Enjoying the benefits of cloud-native technology brought by cloud efficiency, hundreds of thousands of innovative enterprise organizations and digital transformation enterprise organizations use cloud efficiency to build high-performance organizations.

Provide value to customers in different fields

Future Outlook

In the future, Yunxiao will go deeper into the industry and industry, become a digital counterpart of production and research, cooperate with industry, academia and research to promote the reform of software construction and delivery methods, and strive to open up Biz (business), Dev (development), Ops ( operation and maintenance), and continuously implement the BizDevOps concept and method practice, so that the enterprise's production and research collaboration can truly focus on business goals, deliver effective business value smoothly and high-quality, and continuously drive business innovation and development.

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