How to hide your IP address online

1. Types of Proxy Servers

A proxy server is actually a server between your browser and the website you want to visit. When you browse the Internet through a proxy server, the browser does not directly retrieve the webpage from the web server, but first sends a request to the proxy server, and the proxy server retrieves the webpage from the website to be visited, and then sends it to your browser. device. So when you use a proxy server to browse, what the website records is the proxy server address, not your IP address! At present, there are many proxy servers on the Internet, most of which are free. Proxy servers can be divided into the following types:

1. According to the security classification of the requested information

There are three types of proxy servers: super anonymous proxy, common anonymous proxy and transparent proxy.
Among them, super anonymous agents are divided into first-level anonymous agents and second-level anonymous agents. If you use a first-level anonymous proxy to connect to a certain server, the server-side network administrator will not know that you use a proxy, and your IP cannot be found out! Because this proxy server is a real anonymous proxy, it will not change your request
fields (message), so that the server looks like a real client browser is accessing it. At present, there are very few first-level anonymous proxies on the Internet, and such proxy server resources are very precious!

As for the second-level anonymous proxy, its security is not as good as the first-level anonymous proxy. If you use the second-level anonymous proxy to surf the Internet, although the server's network administrator cannot find out your IP, they know that you use a proxy!

Ordinary anonymous proxy includes third-level and fourth-level anonymous proxy. This type of proxy server can also hide your real IP, but it will change your request
fields, so the server will also know that you use a proxy! But this proxy will strip some of your information (like the stealth of a firewall
mode), so that the server cannot detect your operating system version and browser version.
Transparent proxy (five-level anonymous proxy): this kind of proxy will adapt your request
fields (message), and transmit your real IP, so if you use this proxy to surf the Internet, you cannot hide your IP.

2. Classified according to the purpose of the proxy server
Proxy servers can be divided into the following categories:

Http proxy (ports are generally 80, 8080, 3128, 50050, etc.): Mainly proxy browsers to access web pages.
SSL proxy (standard port is 443): HTTP proxy that supports up to 128-bit encryption strength, and can be used as a proxy for accessing encrypted websites.

FTP agent (ports are generally 21, 2121): It acts as an agent for the ftp software on the client computer to access the ftp server.

Telnet agent (generally port 23): Agent for telnet of the communication machine, used for remote control.

POP3 proxy (generally the port is 110): The mail software on the proxy client computer receives mail in pop3 mode.

Socks proxy (standard port is 1080): It is a versatile proxy that supports multiple protocols, including http, ftp requests and other types of requests. It is divided into socks 4 and socks
5 two types, socks 4 only supports the TCP protocol and socks 5 supports the TCP/UDP protocol, and also supports various authentication mechanisms and other protocols.

In addition, there are TUNNEL agents, literature agents, education network agents, Ssso agents, Flat agents, etc. Due to space limitations, we will not introduce them here.

2. How to get a free proxy server?

The most primitive method is to use software to fully search a certain network segment (for example, use ProxyHunter to search). This method is simple but time-consuming.
1. Use ProxyHunter

First click "System"/Parameter Settings/Verification Data Settings, and click "Add" in the pop-up window;

verification name
Feel free to choose "Characteristic String" for the verification type, and enter a URL of a verification proxy server in the verification address. It is recommended to add the address of a foreign website (such as [url][/url] ), because the verified agent may not be able to leave the country with a domestic URL; fill in the content of the title bar of the verification page in the feature string (ie, Yahoo!, as shown in Figure 1 on the right), and you can click "Get" to view the web page Source file, and then copy a section of content, paste it out;

Next, go back to the "Search Result" window and click "Verify All". If "free" is displayed in the result, it is a free proxy server that can be used.

2. Go to the website to download
If you don't want to search for an agent yourself, you can go to some websites to download it. At present, many websites provide the addresses of free proxies. You can use Baidu and Google to search for proxy or free proxies, and you can find such websites. The following are the websites that publish more proxy servers:

3. Verify available free agents

Save the proxy list collected online as a text file with a .txt suffix, the format is as follows:

Then run Proxy Hunter, click the "Search Result" tab, click "Import Result" to import the proxy list in .txt format; click the "System" button, select "Parameter Settings"; on the "Search Verification Settings" page, set the Set the two timeout parameters in the "Verification Settings" item; finally go online, click "Verify All" in the "Search Results" to verify, and the line where the "Verification Status" is "free" (right picture 2) is It is a free proxy server that can be used.

3. Verify the level of anonymous proxy

The above agent hunters can only verify whether a certain agent can be used, but cannot find out the level of the agent. It is very important to understand the level of the proxy, because the fifth-level anonymous proxy cannot hide your IP, only the first-level to four-level anonymous proxy can hide the IP, and the first-level anonymous proxy is the best, it can not only hide the IP, but also allow The network administrator does not know that you use a proxy!

To verify the level of anonymous proxy, you can use proxysm proxy superman official version 2.7, Wangyin one-touch and other software, the verification steps are introduced below:

1. Automatically read the proxy on the webpage

Run Huathorn Proxy Verification 1.8, click "Add Resource" in the main window, enter the URL of the published proxy server address, and customize the name column; then click "Download", the software
It will automatically read the proxy from the web page (as shown in Figure 3). If it cannot be read, please click "[Settings]" and check "Enable fuzzy matching to grab web pages".

Next, click to select the first line of agents in the main window, press the Shift key, click the last line of agents, and then click "Export Selected" to save all agents as TXT files (for example

2. Use Agent Superman to verify the level of the agent

Run Agent Superman Official Version 2.7, click the menu "Management"/Import Agent, select the TXT file to be imported (such as the ABC.TXT generated above), and press "Quick Import" to read all the agents.

Next, click the menu "Advanced"/System Settings/Verification Options, select "Use Custom URL Verification", click "Automatic Update"; then click "Test", and after a while, you will get an effective anonymous level verification URL (Figure 4), click "OK" to return to the main window; click the menu "Search"/Verify All Agents to start verifying the level of each agent.

If it is verified as "super anonymous", it means that the proxy is a first-level or second-level anonymous proxy, which can hide your IP; if it is "ordinary anonymous", it means that it is a third-level or fourth-level anonymous proxy, use This kind of proxy can also hide your IP; if it is "transparent and anonymous", don't use it, because this kind of proxy can't hide your IP! "Invalid proxy" means it can't be used.

3. Verify the level of the agent using "One Touch"

Run Wangyin one-touch, click "Find Proxy" in "Option Settings", then click "Develop URL", enter the URL of the published proxy server address), and read the proxy on the web page;

Next, enter the "Verification Settings" page, click "Update", and then click "Test" to update the URL of the verification agent level; then return to the "Find Agent" page, click "Level Test"/Check All, and verify all the agent's URLs Level, the display results are as shown in Figure 6:

Among them, if the level column shows 9, it means that the proxy cannot be used; if it shows 1, it means it is a first-level anonymous proxy; Can hide IP, others can know that you use a proxy).

Fourth, the method of manually setting the proxy

After you get a super anonymous (level 1, 2) or "ordinary anonymous" proxy (level 3, 4), you can set it in your browser to hide your IP when surfing the Internet. The setting method is as follows:
1. IE6.0

On the main menu, select "Tools" → "Internet Options" → "Connection" → "Settings", check "Use a proxy server for this connection", and fill in the address and port of the proxy server (as shown in Figure 7). For LAN users, you should click "LAN Settings" under the "Connection" tab to set the proxy.


Select "Edit"→"Preferences"→"advanced"→"proxies"→"Manual proxy" on the main menu
configuration"→"View", fill in the proxy server address and port, and press "OK" to complete.

3. Opera

Select "Settings" → "Proxy Options" on the main menu, and fill in the proxy server address and port.

5. An easy way to hide your IP

1. Use Hide IP Platinum
Hide IP
Platinum can automatically search for a proxy server from the Internet, and then provide you with a proxy IP to access the Internet. Run Hide
IP Platinum, an icon will appear at the bottom right of the taskbar, every time you click the icon, the software will provide you with a proxy IP, and you will automatically use this proxy to browse the web when you open IE!

Currently with Hide IP
There are many proxy software similar to Platinum, and the functions and usage are basically the same. Although this kind of software is very convenient to use, they all have a fatal shortcoming, that is, most of the proxy IPs they provide are not first-level anonymous, so use this proxy to surf the Internet , the network management can find out your real IP!

2. Use Huathorn as an agent

Do you hope that the network administrator can’t find out your real IP? The method is as follows: firstly, use Huaci proxy to verify and read the web page that publishes the proxy server address, and export the obtained proxy as a TXT file (such as AJ.txt); then import AJ. txt, verify the level of the proxy, and export the obtained super anonymous and ordinary anonymous as TXT files (such as JG.txt);

Finally, run Huathorn proxy verification, import JG.txt, select a proxy, and click "Set as IE Proxy" (Figure 8 below), the software will automatically set the proxy to IE, so that you can pass the proxy, If you browse the webpage in IE, the network administrator of the web server cannot find out your IP!

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