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Introduction: This article mainly introduces the origin of assembled delivery, what is Yunqiao, the advantages of Yunqiao, the composition of Yunqiao, etc.
Assembled Delivery Background
For a long time, whether it is a novice or a veteran expert in the industry, everyone must have heard the saying of "reinventing the wheel". In fact, it is easy to understand. Just like cars, cars of different brands may have different shape designs, different internal designs, and different engines, but the wheels are 99% similar, and the remaining 1% is the details of the wheels and the logo. I don’t need to worry about the details of the wheels here. The main reason is the origin of the saying “reproducing wheels”. Cars can use the same wheels from different brands. It is not necessary for each car to produce its own wheels. Just use the wheels of the car to put your own logo on it to assemble the car, but what about enterprise applications? Is an enterprise application also a car, and similar wheels are remanufactured across different businesses? Based on this, the concept of "assembled application" came into being, which means that the application can be assembled like a car, without having to produce all the parts by itself, which will not only greatly improve the work efficiency, but also greatly improve the innovation of enterprise production capacity. . To achieve the goal of assembling, Gartner proposes the Assemblable Capability Index, which measures the technical and business abstraction capabilities of enterprises through four core dimensions (modularity, atomicity, orchestration, and discovery).

So what is Yunqiao?

What is Yunqiao?
In short, Yunqiao is a sharp blade to solve the historical problem of "reproducing wheels" that has always existed in the industry. With Yunqiao, there is no need to "reproduce wheels" in the future.

The official Yunqiao introduction is:

Yunqiao is a team of Alibaba Cloud's global technical service department. Based on the concept of assembly delivery, it proposes solutions for customized development and delivery. It is a productivity tool platform incubated by Alibaba Cloud from the digital transformation delivery process of thousands of enterprises to help enterprises implement digital transformation.

The cloud smart platform develops business application systems in an assembled way, and supports the highly efficient and low-cost customized development of highly complex industrial application systems for government and enterprise customers. The Yunqiao platform includes a series of component sets, industry delivery templates and integration workbenches that can be flexibly assembled based on business requirements, and can be developed, deployed, integrated, data exchanged, and operated with a unified standard. The formed business components and industry delivery templates quickly and easily complete the assembly and arrangement of customized functions of the application system.

Yunqiao's official document address:, which contains Yunqiao's components and documentation guidelines

If you don't understand, you can find the answer in it.

Advantages of Yunqiao
Compared with the traditional function-based code implementation, YunQiao enables enterprise application development to be no longer limited to specific codes, and can quickly deliver applications through component assembly.

Rich components to improve code reuse
By standardizing components, Yunqiao makes it possible to build a building block software development method. Select an industry template to start with one click, or configure your own component list, so that developers can immediately start the customized development of business logic, accelerate digital transformation, and help Innovation. Specific operations can be

Comprehensive integration, supporting modular assembly
Cloud Smart Integration Workbench provides management interface, open API, data flow and other rich integration methods, making the integration of external systems or legacy systems easy and efficient, and its powerful integration function allows you to integrate existing enterprise assets with Cloud Smart use together.

Cloud native standard, pre-integrated with Alibaba Cloud products
Yunqiao components natively support Alibaba Cloud products. Different from using Alibaba Cloud products directly, Yunqiao components use Alibaba Cloud products to give them specific business capabilities. With Yunqiao, your system is born with a cloud-native architecture.

The composition of the cloud
From the Yunqiao Quick Start document, it can be seen that the composition of Yunqiao is composed of Yunqiao components, Yunqiao asset market, Yunqiao ecology and Yunqiao workshop. Let's discuss these components separately

Cloud Smart Components
What are Yunqiao components? Yunqiao components can be said to be the usual wheels, of course not limited to wheels, but also engines, seats, etc. Each component of Yunqiao consists of several microservices (front-end, back-end, mobile), Together to express a complete business logic unit, the components are independent of each other in terms of deployment form, and follow a unified assembly standard, which is entirely for reuse. Yunqiao components can recombine the output according to the needs of different customers. And they are developed according to a unified standard, which is easy to be understood by developers of different partners. The core components of Yunqiao mainly include

Yunqiao Asset Market
So what is Yunqiao Capital Market? For enterprises, assets are tangible or intangible assets that can create value for an enterprise. For Yunqiao, they are the basic components, general components, and business components of Yunqiao.

When enterprises refer to these components, this is the formation of [asset reuse]

At the same time, Yunqiao tags the components with business scenarios, which is convenient for developers to retrieve and select the components required by the project as needed. At the same time, enterprises can also use the integration capabilities provided by Yunqiao to more quickly integrate components and customized development parts from multiple dimensions such as pages, APIs, messages, and data, and jointly complete the system delivery of the project.

Yunqiao Ecology
Application development based on Yunqiao can flexibly select components based on project needs. Other parts of the project are customized and developed by the enterprise. Finally, Yunqiao components and customized development parts are integrated to complete the delivery of a complete project. At the same time, enterprises can also upload their own components in the asset market, which forms [asset precipitation]

Yunqiao Workshop
Yunqiao Workshop is derived from Alibaba Cloud's own practice. Through the initialization of Yunqiao standard applications and the repeated polishing of Yunqiao standards, it is an integrated design and development platform covering the entire life cycle of Yunqiao assets, helping developers to create technologies that meet Yunqiao standards. assets. A place where technical assets are produced, so to speak, hence the name "workshop".

The specific use of Yunqiao can log in to to experience, the premise is that you need an account, here is an operation document of the official website document, you can refer to one of the 30-minute experience Yunqiao Workshop series: 10-minute deployment, On the whole, Yunqiao has achieved the purpose of assembly delivery. In the future, I hope that more companies can participate, accumulate more Yunqiao assets, and continuously enrich Yunqiao components, so as to help enterprises improve delivery speed, improve delivery quality, and reduce labor. The cost makes everyone become an industrial developer.

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