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Alibaba Cloud ECS Introduction

Alibaba Cloud ECS.This article mainly records the things that can be tossed about on ECS. As a newcomer to Alibaba Cloud ECS, I will introduce to students who are not familiar with ECS how to build a docker on ECS and what can be done in this container. . Because many students may apply for ECS and don’t know what they can use it for, I mainly introduce things on docker. Besides docker, there are other more interesting things to do, which need to be studied by students themselves. Thanks again to Alibaba Cloud for providing This opportunity brought my docker learning path to the cloud.

1. Alibaba Cloud ECS.Alibaba Cloud ECS.Activity introduction

Event address:
Event time: extended to May 13.
Because the event is too popular, Alibaba Cloud officially extended the event to May 13, so that everyone can enjoy the event during the May Day. Enjoy the fun that ECS brings to you.

2. Alibaba Cloud ECS.Small talk

1. Server source

As the latest and outstanding killer of Alibaba Cloud ECS, ECS 7 generation, because there is no permission, I cannot experience it temporarily. The version of computing C5 I applied here, the main configuration: 2 cores (vCPU) 4 GiB , operating system: Ubuntu 20.04 64-bit, I feel These configurations are enough for me to build a few web pages by myself. For students who have computing needs and performance requirements, I recommend using the 7th generation products.
I believe that everyone can apply for it. I don’t have much nonsense about this. Specifically, it is to apply on the homepage. I will put a picture here to be lazy.

2. Alibaba Cloud ECS.Console

After the application is received, we enter the console and can see our ECS server. The specific operations are all on this page. It can be said that the security of Alibaba Cloud's ECS server is unquestionable. In the network type, we can see that the private network is used, which is distinguished from the ordinary network. For the specific difference, you can refer to the documentation. Alibaba Cloud not only provides public network IP, but also provides private network IP. If all ECSs are in the same area, you can form a cluster, which is even more beautiful.

3. Security group
Here we need to talk about this security group. With this security group, we don’t need to set those firewall ports in the system. We can easily open and close the ports through the web-side visual interface. You can set the access object according to the IP. If this is late, I believe your ECS must be very secure.

4. Cloud disk
I would also like to mention the function of this cloud disk. I think it is very easy to use. When I set up the server in a mess and have no clue, I can re-initialize the system disk in the cloud disk, which is equivalent to initializing the system. It's a good helper for developers and testers when it is tangled to go to the system to delete which files.

When we use the system for the first time or forget the login password, it is very convenient to reset the password here, which is especially suitable for students who forget their passwords. Alibaba Cloud's ECS also supports changing the operating system, but it can only be changed between windows. , or switch between linux .

After clicking Change Operating System, you will enter the system image selection interface, where you can change the operating system.

5. docker warehouse
You can basically find the required images here. The advantage of using docker is to directly pull the containers built by others, without having to configure the environment step by step yourself , saving a lot of things

3. Build your own blog
is very pleasant to have your own blog . I used to build my own blog in the local area network, and I can take this opportunity to experience the feeling of blogging on the cloud. This is with the help of free wordpress .

1. Alibaba Cloud ECS.Connect ECS

to view the system information
lsb_release -a
root@ cchen :~ # lsb_release -a
LSB Version: core -11.1.0 ubuntu2 - noarch:security -11.1.0 ubuntu2-noarch
Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description : Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS
Release : 20.04
Codename : focal

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