Python Advanced - Use of Decorators

Python Advanced - Use of Decorators Introduction:

Python Advanced - Use of Decorators. Statistics of function execution time and output log information

1. Python Advanced - Use of Decorators.Use scenarios of decorators

1.Statistics of function execution time
2.output log information

2. Python Advanced - Use of Decorators.The decorator implements the statistics of the execution time of existing functions

import time
# decorator function
def get_time ( func ):
def inner( ):
begin = time.time ()
func ( )
end = time.time ()
print("Function execution cost %f" % (end-begin))
return inner
@get_time _
def func1():
for i in range( 100000):
print( i )
Results of the:
Function execution cost 0.329066

2. Summary
decorator can be known from the above sample code :
•Under the premise of not changing the source code and calling method of the existing function, the function of the existing function is extended.

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