Introduction to Python Multitasking Programming

Implementation of multitasking in Python:
1. Multi-process mode;
2. Multi-threading mode by importing multiprocessing;
3. Multi-process + multi-threading mode by importing threading; Implementation by importing multiprocessing and threading
Multitasking is performing multiple tasks at the same time in the operating system, for example, our computer runs multiple applications at the same time. Multitasking programming is like eating breakfast and listening to music over and over in our lives. The biggest benefit of multitasking is to improve efficiency and improve resource utilization.

Python Multitasking Programming,how to perform multitasking:

1. Concurrency
Alternately perform tasks over a period of time. The operating system lets each piece of software execute alternately. For example, the operating system first lets software A run for 0.1 seconds, then quickly switches to software B, lets software B run for 0.1 seconds, and then switches back to A for 0.1 seconds, and so on.

2. Parallel
Operating system assigns different tasks to each CPU , and the cores of multiple CPUs perform multiple tasks at the same time.

Python Multitasking Programming,how to implement multitasking in Python:

1. Multi-process mode
1. Multi-process mode
2. Multi-thread mode
Implemented by importing threading
3. Multi-process + multi-thread mode
Implemented by importing multiprocessing and threading
Basic implementation steps of multitasking programming:

1. Import the multiprocessing/threading module

import multiprocessing
import threading

2. Create a process/thread

# create child process
sub1 = multiprocessing.Process (target = task )
# create child thread
sub2 = threading. Thread (target = task)

3. Start a process/thread

#Start child process
sub1.start ( )
#Start child thread
sub2.start ( )
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