Install Multiple Versions of Jdk at the Same Time Under Windows

Multi-version JDK switching solution

Install multiple versions of JDK.Since the JDK versions used by different projects are inconsistent, there will be a problem of version switching in practical applications
Prepare two versions of JDK (same for more versions )

Install multiple versions of JDK.The JAVA_HOME variable value can be changed to the currently used version number.
%JAVA_HOME%in to the starting position of the Path variable , if it exists, you do not need to add it
Install multiple versions of JDK.Jump to this directory and delete java.exe javaw.exe javaws.exe
create again cmd , enter the command
java -version
Check the version number, you can see that the switch has been successful

If you need more versions , such as three versions of JDK switching, continue to create a new JAVAxxx_HOME in the first step , we only need to modify the position of the first JAVA_HOME variable value to the currently used version number % JAVAxxx_HOME %

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