Idea Practical Skills - Hide Specified Files and Folders

Idea Practical Skills - Hide Specified Files and Folders

I. Hide Specified Files and Folders.Introduction

Hide Specified Files and Folders.SpringBoot have been explained earlier . I believe that all of you have been able to use it proficiently. As a springboot beginner, after successfully creating a web program for the first time, we will find that the standard project structure contains some unknown folders, which look very awkward when used. They look like this:

This article will tell you how to solve this problem!

Second, the treatment plan
There are two solutions. If we know enough about each file directory, the useless ones can be deleted completely. If we don't know each file directory, we can set the file to be invisible. Don't delete it, just delete it directly, let's talk about how to hide them in IDEA

3. Use steps
First select Settings in the File file, then search for File Type

Then add the folders you want to hide in Ignore files and folders

For example, if I want to delete the above .mvn folder, I just need to enter .mvn in Ignore files and folders , and then click Apply, we can find that there will be fewer .mvn folders in the project structure

For example, if I want to hide .md-type folders, such as and above, I need to enter *.md in Ignore files and folders, where * means everything, and finally click Apply to hide It worked!

Finally, choose to leave the folder we need, mine is like this:

It can be seen that the project structure is very clean and clear, the mood is comfortable, and the code is typing faster~~

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