Altas, a DaaS solution for open source database MongoDB

[ MongoDB's DaaS solution Altas ]

Atlas is a Daas solution of MongoDB, which mainly provides database hosting services for users. The service takes prepaid pricing and will initially allow users to use it on Amazon Web Services (AWS; Amazon's cloud computing service), and will later support Microsoft Azure (Microsoft Cloud Platform) and Google Cloud Platform.
Previously, for entrepreneurs who wanted to run services in-house, MongoDB Atlas complemented the company's commercial offerings; MongoDB Professional, in addition to supporting business operations, was able to connect with the company's cloud manager and other tools . The newly released Atlas service will target a point somewhere in between -- allowing anyone who wants to use MongoDB to quickly gain access to the cloud with all the supporting tools for an hourly fee.

[ MongoDB's DaaS solution, Altas ]

Kelly Stirman , VP of Strategy at MongoDB, told us that he believes most developers will fall in love with MongoDB because it will stimulate the productivity of this group of people.
"MongoDB will be a great help in developing apps," he said. "Deployment and provisioning after an application is created is definitely a headache for developers. Because of this, we will use all the experience to support large-scale systems and application deployments. Invested in this product. As a user, you don’t have to worry about where your application is deployed and the size of your database, it can be handled by MongoDB Atlas.”

[ MongoDB's DaaS solution Altas ] Of course, in addition to DynamoDB, Amazon has also suggested that users use their own NoSQL database. But Stirman believes that if companies use the service, they will inevitably not be tied to Amazon's cloud platform. “Our strategy is to maintain independence between enterprises and cloud providers (platforms), and to allow users to discover those that offer the best SLAs configuration and geographic support. Even if users change the most basic cloud service provider, Can also continue to use our MongoDB."
In addition, the company also revealed that Atlas will provide users with a data platform with fault tolerance and self-healing functions. At the same time, Atlas can also monitor the database and provide backups (the system will automatically replicate the data to different availability zones). For security, MongoDB says Altas will encrypt all of its users' data end-to-end and use Amazon 's custom tools like Virtual Private Cloud to keep the database secure.

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