How to choose AWS and Alibaba Cloud servers in the domestic environment?

Alibaba Cloud ECS offers both on-demand and monthly subscription. This article discusses the case of a monthly subscription. When purchasing a monthly subscription, we can choose the corresponding configuration: CPU, memory, hard disk, and bandwidth aws vs alibaba cloud pricing.

price analysis
CPU, about 48 yuan 1 core
Memory, 18 yuan 512MB
The cheapest hard disk, 3 cents 1G
Bandwidth, 25 yuan 1M (actual 1Mbps is about 140KBps), it is recommended to choose peak bandwidth and pay by traffic

Among them, Hong Kong is the most expensive, followed by Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Qingdao, and there are regular special offers aws vs alibaba cloud pricing.

Compared with Amazon aws, a Linux t1.micro (already upgraded to t2.micro) instance in the US West (Northern California) Region costs $18.60 per month (about 116 yuan), with 1G memory, 1-core CPU, and additional data transmission. Calculate. The monthly price of this configuration in Alibaba Cloud is 68 yuan, which is about 48 yuan cheaper than AWS. However, AWS has reserved instances that can be purchased (that is, a one-time purchase of one year) can be greatly discounted, and the price after the discount is comparable to that of Alibaba Cloud.


I have been using Alibaba Cloud for nearly 1 year and AWS for nearly 3 years. Overall, I feel that AWS is more stable. Alibaba Cloud only encounters strange problems occasionally. For example, after I upgraded the server memory, the server could not be turned on. relatively stable. When Alibaba Cloud has a problem, you can call for technical support. The response speed of the work order is super fast, and the customer service support is also very strong. Once I submitted a work order at 2:00 in the middle of the night, I got a reply immediately, and I have to praise Ali's service quality. When aws has a problem, you can only rely on email or the community. Otherwise, you can buy a telephone technical support service if you have money, but for technical support in English, you have to speak so well that you can talk about technical problems?


Intuitively think that Alibaba Cloud must be faster aws vs alibaba cloud pricing?

In terms of data transmission, the 1Mbps network speed of Alibaba Cloud is only 140KBs. If there are a lot of pictures on the webpage, it will soon reach the 1Mbps limit, which will cause the overall loading speed of the webpage to decrease. The most terrifying thing is that this bandwidth is the shared bandwidth of all users accessing the server, that is to say, if one user is downloading pictures at a speed of 140KBs, other users have to wait for the download to complete before they can access, so the concurrency capability is very weak. Or if you are using ftp to download the file, the web page is also inaccessible.
However, aws does not have this problem. The bandwidth of aws is billed separately, and there is a certain amount of free traffic every month. The bandwidth limit of aws is not specified (not found). The average download speed of my ftp is about 900KBs, which is 7 times that of Alibaba Cloud, and there is no impact on accessing the website at the same time.

Alibaba Cloud has a choice of peak bandwidth. You can set the security traffic to pay, and set the peak bandwidth to 100MB, and the speed will be significantly improved. For small websites with little traffic, it is recommended to choose. In addition, it is recommended to download pictures and attachments to OSS, otherwise the website speed will be seriously slowed down aws vs alibaba cloud pricing.

A few comparison cases are listed below, using 360 speed measurement, please ignore the color of the map, mainly look at the average speed.

The color of the map represents the total time spent on the web page, and has no reference meaning because the amount of website data is different. We mainly look at the average download speed and connection time aws vs alibaba cloud pricing

download speed

The highest average download speed of aws is 32KBs, and the access speed of the western United States and Tokyo to mainland China is the same, which is consistent with our usual experience. The average speed of Alibaba Cloud Beijing has been tested many times. The average download speed of 1Mbps bandwidth is about 42KBs, and the average download speed of Alibaba Cloud Hangzhou is about 60KBs. Hangzhou is indeed slightly faster than Beijing in actual use.

connection time

In terms of connection time, the average connection time of AWS is about 140ms, Alibaba Cloud Beijing is about 2000ms, and Alibaba Cloud Hangzhou is about 280ms. This is a certain gap from the imagination. We generally think that the connection time of Alibaba Cloud should be significantly faster than that of the United States, but the actual data is puzzling. .
After the comparison, there is such a conclusion, AWS chooses Tokyo than California, Tokyo is expensive but not superior. Alibaba Cloud Hangzhou is better than Beijing. The average download speed of Alibaba Cloud is slightly better than that of AWS, but because Alibaba Cloud is speed-limited, I think that if the concurrency is more than 50, Alibaba Cloud needs to upgrade the bandwidth.


The user interface provided by Alibaba Cloud is more suitable for the experience of Chinese people. The threshold for the semi-Chinese interface of aws is too high. Although it is still being translated, it is difficult for people to understand the Chinese of American thought. Alibaba Cloud's online customer service and telephone support have never been better than his.

For the record
Alibaba Cloud provides a user-friendly filing system and a group of efficient filing service personnel. AWS does not need to be filed overseas, but aws China must be filed, relying on a domestic company, and services are not the same.

Product Category

Alibaba Cloud is much worse. Although it also provides remote databases, file servers, content distribution networks, and load balancing, they are all in the early stages. After all, AWS has accumulated many years in cloud computing. Those who have used Alibaba Cloud's ECS, OSS, CDN, LBS, RDS, and OTS can be said to be able to achieve 99.9% stability, which can meet the needs of a startup company, and its development speed is very fast.

About how to choose

If aws China can be as technically complete as the United States, with more localized services and smoother filing, it should be the first choice, but unfortunately, aws China and aws global are not the same system, and even the account has to be re-registered, which directly makes me Doubt its technical and service capabilities.
If you are doing Internet entrepreneurial products, use servers, file servers, remote databases, read-write separation, distributed application servers, load balancing, Redis, cdn acceleration, NoSQL (MongoDB will be launched on December 18, 2015), etc. , I think Alibaba Cloud can meet your needs.

At the technical level, there are two things worth paying attention to: In July 2013, Ali completed a three-year "de-IOE". The so-called de-IOE refers to no longer using IBM's minicomputer, Oracle's database and EMC's storage. In October 2013, the Feitian 5K plan independently developed by Ali was completed, and the scale of a single cluster server reached 5000 units, 100TB sorting can be completed in 30 minutes, far exceeding the world record set by Yahoo in July of the same year - 71 minutes. Alibaba Cloud has become the first company in the world to provide 5K cloud computing services.

On the Amazon side, AWS was launched in 2006 to provide IT infrastructure services to enterprises in the form of Web services. Over the years, it has become an uncompromising leader in the field of global cloud computing services. On December 18, 2013, Amazon AWS announced its entry into China, which is the tenth region that AWS services have entered globally.

The process of Amazon AWS entering China is actually quite tortuous. As early as the end of 2008, Amazon had already sent people to China to inspect the Chinese market. Four years later, the AWS Chinese website was launched. In another year, Amazon announced that AWS officially entered China: on the one hand, it cooperated with Tian Suning-led broadband capital, and cooperated with the local governments of Beijing and Ningxia to put the data center in Ningxia and the operation center in Beijing; Sinnet and Wangsu Technology cooperated to provide Amazon with necessary Internet data center services and Internet access services. This method has the unique "embarrassment" of foreign companies entering China: if companies want to use AWS in mainland China, they need to sign three contracts with Beijing, Ningxia, and Broadband Capital respectively, and there is no unified connector.

This situation is commented by the industry as "the cougar has come to mainland China, but has not yet left the zoo". But even so, the entry of Amazon's cloud computing into China has had a great impact on cloud computing services such as Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu. discount price. It is reported that AWS's institutions in China have begun to recruit troops. In addition to Amazon, Microsoft cloud computing also landed in China in the fall of 2013, and IBM also claims to vigorously develop cloud services.

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