Alibaba Cloud Summit | Deepening Urban Computing Scenario Capabilities

Alibaba Cloud's three-body collaborative architecture of cloud, edge, and end

In the past two years, Alibaba Cloud has gradually extended its computing infrastructure from the central cloud to the edge and the end, built the edge cloud operating system on the edge side, built the IoT capability of all things on the end, and formed the AliOS Thing operating system, combined with Feitian operation The system, cloud, edge, and terminal collaborative system has been constructed, providing a computing power foundation for massive, rich, and scenario-based upper-layer applications Alibaba Cloud Summit.

As an important part of the three-body collaboration, the edge cloud operating system ENS has been built and developed in accordance with the standards of integration, openness, standards and security from the beginning. For example, in terms of industry standardization, as early as December 2018, Alibaba Cloud led the release of The edge cloud white paper defines the concept of edge cloud computing for the first time in the industry, and then cooperates with more than 20 enterprises in the industry to actively promote the standardization of edge cloud in terms of infrastructure, service capabilities, platform capabilities, unified management and control, and security requirements. Alibaba Cloud's edge cloud computing-related products have also reached the industry's general technical standards in terms of function, performance, security, and management and control capabilities, and can meet the edge cloud technology requirements in different scenarios Alibaba Cloud Summit.

At present, ENS has achieved global node coverage in 300+ provincial capital cities, and can achieve minute-level delivery, helping enterprises to operate with light assets and improving operation and maintenance efficiency.

"In the future, building urban computing Alibaba Cloud Summit with cities as the center is the core direction of Alibaba Cloud's edge computing. Urban computing scenarios include smart city applications, transportation, smart manufacturing, online education, and home entertainment. Relying on Alibaba Cloud's digital economy Based on the rich scenarios and ecological power of the body, Alibaba Cloud ENS has realized the application of multiple urban scenarios such as smart high-speed, cloud games, home entertainment, driver assistance, and smart logistics." Yang Jingyu said.

High-speed cloud migration is a key step to achieve high-speed intelligence, and it is also a typical application scenario of edge computing. Based on ENS, high-speed video uploading to the cloud is completed, with the characteristics of out-of-the-box, nearby streaming, and quick access. By completing the aggregation of camera data and AI analysis at the edge, and then sending the structured data back to the central cloud for business processing, Smart High Speed ​​will obtain a more real-time and more economical experience. The latest launch of the high-speed online billing platform at thisAlibaba Cloud Summit is to use edge computing to maximize the capabilities of AI, and truly achieve evidence-based and evidence-based investigations for all billing scenarios. With this platform, billing The processing time of station special cases can be reduced from 5 minutes to 10 seconds, and the billing accuracy can be doubled.

Cloud gaming is another typical form of cloud-side-device collaboration. The terminal focuses on human-computer interaction, while the computing and rendering of games are managed by ENS, and the game business management and business operation platforms are still in the central cloud. Through this cloud-edge-device collaboration architecture, Alibaba Cloud Summit games can achieve lower latency, stronger technology integration capabilities, and lower costs.

The combination of 5G, Alibaba Cloud Summit Internet of Vehicles, and autonomous driving is an inevitable trend in the future. In the process of vehicle-road coordination, the entire communication interaction process, Alibaba Cloud Summit such as perception, transmission, processing, and response to road traffic conditions, is handed over to ENS for processing, and the communication response speed is reduced. To the millisecond level, this is very beneficial for the in-vehicle intelligent system to assist drivers to identify road conditions and make correct decisions in a timely manner, and also helps car-sharing companies to better realize intelligent driving assistance, intelligent safety management, etc., and truly meet the scenarios of vehicle-road collaboration. Real-time requirements from perception analysis to feedback decision-making Alibaba Cloud Summit.

Alibaba Cloud Summit With the acceleration of digital and intelligent transformation, edge computing is in the ascendant and will usher in a new outlet. Alibaba Cloud will deploy edge cloud infrastructure on a city-by-city basis, create computing closer to users, empower urban computing application scenarios, and welcome the arrival of the era of digital and intelligent economy Alibaba Cloud Summit.

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