2021 Alibaba Cloud Summit | How to ensure the stability of mobile applications


From May 28th to 29th, the "2021 Alibaba Cloud Summit and Alibaba Cloud Developer Conference" was held at the Beijing National Convention Center. The theme of theAlibaba Cloud summit was "Innovation on the Cloud". They jointly discussed new ideas, new strategies, new products and new solutions for enterprise digital innovation, and launched a panorama of "innovation on the cloud". At the meeting, Li Chengliang, a senior technical expert of Umeng+, shared the topic of "how to ensure the stability of mobile applications".
From May 28th to 29th, "2021 Alibaba Cloud Summit and Alibaba Cloud Developer Conference" was held at the Beijing National Convention Center. The theme of theAlibaba Cloud summit was "Innovation on the Cloud". Alibaba Cloud discussed with many guests and partners. New ideas, new strategies, new products, and new solutions for enterprise digital innovation, and a panorama of "innovation on the cloud". At the meeting, Li Chengliang, a senior technical expert of Umeng+, shared the topic of "how to ensure the stability of mobile applications".

Alibaba Cloud SummitDifferent from the server-side publishing, code management and other fields that other guests are exposed to, Li Chengliang's focus is more on how to help the apps on the mobile phone "maintain stability", so that these apps can avoid crashes, stuck and other problems.

Alibaba Cloud Summit Li Chengliang said that most of the current app applications are far from enough in terms of stability. Not long ago, Umeng+ released the "2021Q1, Umeng+ Mobile Application Performance Experience White Paper". According to the white paper, the overall crash rate of mobile applications is 0.29%. However, Li Chengliang believes that an application's crash rate of 1 in 1,000 is a passing level. At present, most applications still have a long way to go in reducing the crash rate.

Not only that, from another point of view, the larger the DAU, the lower the crash rate: the application with a DAU greater than 1 million has a lower crash rate than the average level, on the contrary, the application with a DAU in the range of 10,000 to 1 million , the crash rate is above average.

"This shows that the more leading companies are, the more resources and technologies they have to manage the performance of mobile applications, while some ordinary companies have both urgent needs and improved capabilities in this regard." Li Chengliang sighed.

In the face of application crashes in all walks of life, Umeng+ is committed to empowering developers, helping customers "maintain stability" and grow. As of June 2020, Umeng+ has served 2 million+ apps and 8.9 million+ websites, and has formed a first-class technology research and development capability in the industry for ten years.

Stable application performance is a very critical part of a good user experience, but in reality, problems such as application crashes, freezes, slow loading, and white screen pages frequently appear in the real user experience and become a direct factor that affects business performance. killer. So, how does Li Chengliang's team empower developers and solve problems such as crashes that affect application performance stability?

Alibaba Cloud SummitMobile application performance monitoring platform: one-stop service from monitoring, alarming, analysis, to providing solutions and verification

Alibaba Cloud SummitIn fact, the root cause of the high application crash rate is the uncontrollable stability problem: although developers have made a lot of efforts in the whole process from development to launch, there is still no way to avoid the stability of the application after the launch. various problems.

"In the R&D stage, most engineers pay more attention to the development of functions, and do not necessarily take into account the stability of the application; in the testing stage, they are faced with difficult problems such as incomplete test case coverage, especially for some extreme or marginal cases. In the grayscale stage, there are problems such as insufficient grayscale samples; and in the full-scale online stage, it will be found that the use environment of end users is complex and changeable. In short, there are still various and unexpected problems after going online. Complex issues." Li Chengliang concluded.

So, how to find and solve these problems? After investigating many companies and solutions in the industry, Li Chengliang and his team developed U-APM, a U-APM + mobile application performance monitoring platform.
Alibaba Cloud Summit
First, the mobile application performance monitoring platform U-APM can monitor and analyze application crashes and errors in real time, as well as analyze game engine crashes and freezes. In the future, the platform will also support the analysis of pages, networks, memory, etc., allowing users to fully understand the current application performance status.

Secondly, Alibaba Cloud Summitthe U-APM platform also has the function of intelligent alarm: when there is a problem with the application, it will receive an alarm immediately, allowing users to quickly analyze and locate. The mobile application performance monitoring platform supports the analysis of multiple dimensions, including the analysis of the status of a single device, the whole link, and even the entire life cycle of the application.

Not only that, the U-APM platform can also perform intelligent diagnosis, and after a problem is found, it will also give some solutions and methods to solve the problem. Finally, the U-APM platform also provides the cloud real machine function, which supports developers to reproduce and verify the crash problem. It provides mobile developers with a flexible test operation interface, supports ADB debugging, WEB remote debugging, code scanning, packet capture, virtual positioning and other test functions, and provides test reports for developers to view later. It can be said that U-APM, the mobile application performance monitoring platform, has completely built a full-link closed-loop capability from monitoring to alarming, analyzing the cause, providing solutions, and finally reproducing and verifying the problem.

Leading the industry in business capabilities: detailing the technical characteristics of the mobile application performance monitoring platform

First of all, U-APM, the Umeng+ mobile application performance monitoring platform, has the ability to monitor application crashes in real time and comprehensively. In addition to regular application crashes, crashes under extreme conditions can also be captured by the platform.

"For example, the compatibility of third-party ROMs of Android phones leads to problems in the application, or some components in the application directly call exit(0), the memory OOM occurs, and the application is forcibly killed by the system, etc. We can all capture it. In addition For some hardware problems of the mobile phone, such as the system being killed due to overheating, it can also be captured." Li Chengliang gave an example.

The second major feature is the industry-leading ANR capture capability of U-APM.

Li Chengliang said that the traditional scheme is mainly monitored by monitoring the logs on the mobile phone, but the traditional scheme actually has some problems. A major problem is that if there is a problem with log generation, the ANR cannot be captured; another problem is that the ANR scenario may have already occurred during monitoring, and the environment in which the log is generated has actually been behind, and the ANR may be missed. period that actually happened.

The Umeng+ solution actually directly intercepts the SIGQUIT signal at the system layer: as shown in the figure, the blue one is the signal interceptor built by the platform, the green one is the system interceptor, the orange one is the platform link, and the yellow one is the platform’s link. system link. When ANR occurs, the platform directly intercepts the signal. After intercepting the signal, the platform interceptor calls the system Trace module to generate time-sensitive logs.

"It is worth mentioning that in this process, we also added a lot of additional information, and the logs we generated are richer than the system's Trace." Li Chengliang said. After a series of operations, the platform will capture the time point when ANR occurs and generate log information more accurately.

The third major feature is the intelligent diagnosis function mentioned above. As a developer, when you encounter a problem, there is a high probability that this problem has been encountered and solved by others. We often take the wrong tips to online search to see what solutions are available.

Specifically, the monitoring platform has sorted out some common mobile terminal problems in the market, forming hundreds of cases. In this way, when developers view the error message in the background, they can see the solution corresponding to the error message, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this solution. At the same time, the solution knowledge base is constantly updated and developed to keep pace with the times.

The fourth major feature is the superiority of the cloud real machine module: comprehensive models and powerful functions.

"At present, there are more than 130 mainstream models on the cloud real machine platform. When we do mobile testing, it is impossible to buy so many mobile phones for testing. However, in reality, there are often unique models that are unique to other models. There is no problem. So at this time, our first thought is to reproduce the problem on the same model. "

In addition to helping users troubleshoot application problems, the cloud real machine also supports network packet capture, page debugging, and ADB remote debugging. It is worth mentioning that the current cloud real machine on the market is charged according to time and the billing is expensive, and the Umeng + cloud real machine provides a lot of free time for developers to use.

The fifth major feature is the intelligent alarm function. Users can flexibly formulate alarm rules and set many alarm conditions, such as the occurrence of a certain type of error, the number of errors meeting a certain rule, the occurrence of certain versions, etc., to meet these conditions Later, reach out to the developer at a set time.

There are also many alarm channels supported by the platform, such as Dingding, Feishu, and corporate WeChat. Once a problem occurs online, you can get timely notification of problem alarms through these mobile phone software.

"In the process of serving developers, many developers have their own business backends and hope to import Umeng+ data into their own business systems. In order to meet this demand, we can collect data indicators through the SDK, and then target These indicators are processed, calculated, and analyzed, and the final result data is sent to the customer's platform through API." Li Chengliang introduced the open capability of the U-APM platform.

As a result, customers can complete the flow and processing of information on their own business platforms, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Working together and striving for the upper reaches: Umeng + joins hands with Alibaba Cloud to empower more developers

If a thousand people are of one mind, they will have the strength of a thousand people. In terms of the mission and goal of serving and empowering developers, Umeng+ is consistent with Alibaba Cloud. Therefore, Umeng+ and Alibaba Cloud have a lot of cooperation, and the two have joined forces in the vision of "service developer".

Although the U-APM platform for mobile application performance monitoring is developed by Umeng+, in fact, many underlying technologies are inseparable from the technical assistance of the Alibaba system. At the same time, this set of application performance monitoring technology also serves many apps within the Alibaba system. .

In terms of developer services, U-APM, the application performance monitoring platform of Umeng+, has served tens of thousands of customers, such as singing it, what is worth buying, Chinese perpetual calendar, etc.

"Customers actually have many pain points, such as unstable monitoring services, incomplete monitoring indicators, unintelligent alarm methods, etc. Our platform will address the pain points of customers, solve the problems they encounter, and provide services based on their demands. More and more detailed services have received very good feedback and evaluation from customers." Li Chengliang said.

Don't forget the original intention, Fang De is always. For a long time, Umeng+ has been on the mission of "data intelligence, driving business growth", based on technology and algorithm capabilities, combined with global data resources, and a one-stop Internet data product and service system empowered by AI. Insights, real-time business decisions, and continuous business growth help developers succeed.

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