Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud Released | Full-Stack Cloud Construction Intelligent Management Cloud Ultimate Cloud Use

On June 9th, the 2020 Alibaba Cloud Summit was held in the cloud. Xie Ning, Product Director of Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud, attended the summit and released the Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud strategy: full-stack cloud construction, intelligent cloud management, and ultimate cloud use. Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud is the first large-scale mature commercial native hybrid cloud in China. It provides stable, secure, flexible, and open products and solutions, and is committed to becoming the core infrastructure for government and enterprise customers to achieve digital transformation.

Hybrid cloud has become the core infrastructure of enterprise digital transformation

With the close integration of cloud computing with 5G and AIoT, the industrial landscape is changing rapidly, and the outbreak of the global epidemic has further promoted the digital transformation of global enterprises. More and more enterprises have started their own "cloud migration" journey, while building their own digital and intelligent capabilities on the cloud. Cloud computing has evolved from IT infrastructure to a "new infrastructure" that fully carries the digital transformation of enterprises Alibaba Cloud Summit.

So what kind of "cloud form" is the best choice for enterprise customers? Our answer is: hybrid cloud. Taking "anti-epidemic" as an example, when such an emergency hits, many enterprises hope to quickly acquire capabilities such as online collaboration, online office, and online production. The elastic supply and rapid supply of public cloud can help enterprises to quickly build such an infrastructure. At the same time, enterprises also need to pay attention to how the public cloud-based infrastructure can effectively connect with the offline cloud platform of the enterprise, and effectively implement network connection, data connection, and application interoperability. Therefore, a hybrid cloud with the same architecture of public cloud and private cloud is the key to digital transformation of enterprises.

Alibaba Cloud Summit Hybrid Cloud consistently implements the concept of "same architecture". Six years ago, we released a proprietary cloud product (Apsara Stack) that shares the same origin with the public cloud. The purpose is to help customers provide a full stack in their data centers. The cloud platform allows users to independently deploy, deliver, and operate independently, and can form a native hybrid cloud with Alibaba Cloud's public cloud. This can bring three advantages. First, Alibaba Cloud Proprietary Cloud can inherit the stability gene of Alibaba Cloud Public Cloud after 10 years of polishing, and obtain super stability; Second, Alibaba Cloud Public Cloud has been fully practiced The full-stack cloud platform can help Alibaba Cloud Proprietary Cloud customers achieve all-round digital transformation; thirdly, Alibaba Cloud Summit Proprietary Cloud can obtain the same management experience and development experience as the public cloud under the same architecture.

After six years of development, more and more enterprise customers have begun to use Alibaba Cloud Summit proprietary cloud to build their own data center and business center to complete their digital transformation. In Zhejiang Province, we have built "one cloud in the whole province" together with our customers, and built a government affairs center and a data center, so that residents in Zhejiang can "run at most once" or even "don't have to run once" when handling business. . Together with the Shanghai Stock Exchange, we have built the "Zhengtong Cloud" based on the securities industry, which not only meets the compliance requirements of enterprises in the securities industry, but also helps the customers of the Shanghai Stock Exchange to access the cloud quickly, safely and efficiently. Together with China Post, we have built a nationwide "delivery cloud" to help customers get through the "Double 11" traffic peak of over 100 million. Stories like this happen every day.

Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud is a large-scale mature commercial native hybrid cloud

Alibaba Cloud Summit Hybrid Cloud is a large-scale, mature and commercial native hybrid cloud. "Hybrid cloud" is a deployment form of Alibaba Cloud. It has the same architecture as the public cloud and provides customers with a consistent experience. Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud is the earliest practitioner of this "same architecture" technical route, and it is also the largest native hybrid cloud with the most abundant industry scenarios. Today, we have provided native hybrid cloud platforms in government, finance, manufacturing, energy, new retail, transportation, logistics and other industries to help customers achieve digital transformation. Alibaba Hybrid Cloud has served hundreds of government and enterprise customers, with a cumulative online capacity of more than hundreds of thousands of units, and the largest single-point scale of more than 5,000 units.

Alibaba Cloud Summit Hybrid Cloud is a full-stack hybrid cloud that has undergone the "Double 11" postgraduate entrance examination.

In order to help enterprise-level customers quickly and efficiently obtain the technical dividends of public cloud, we quickly synchronize the full-stack hybrid cloud that has passed the "Double 11" test to the customer's data center computer room. Today, Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud can provide more than 70 products and services. In the IaaS layer, we use the innovative Shenlong basic platform to realize the shared pool management of containers, bare metal and virtual machines. On the one hand, it can support enterprise elastic applications, and at the same time, it can also support strict traditional applications with extreme performance requirements. cloud. At the middleware and database level, we provide PaaS capabilities of cloud-native architecture to help enterprises build a business middle platform that can be elastically expanded and seamlessly scaled; Alibaba Cloud combines Alibaba's long-term practice of big data capabilities, data warehouse capabilities and algorithm capabilities. It is seamlessly integrated on the hybrid cloud platform to help customers build an intelligent data platform. On top of this, we can also provide a variety of cloud services such as industrial brain, transportation brain, IoT, DingTalk, and blockchain. All these cloud services are built on the Alibaba Cloud Apsara Operating System to achieve unified delivery, unified operation and maintenance, unified account, unified operation, and unified management, which can bring customers a brand-new, unified, and intelligent hybrid cloud experience.

Alibaba Cloud Summit Hybrid Cloud is a stable, secure, open and elastic enterprise-level hybrid cloud

While adhering to the efficient and fast synchronization of public cloud dividends, Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud takes stability, security, openness, and elasticity as our design principles. Stability is the bottom line of our insistence and the red line of customers. In addition to ensuring that the stability framework of the public cloud can be smoothly migrated to the hybrid cloud, we have also innovatively developed two-site three-center and remote multi-active based on distributed architecture. capabilities to ensure business continuity and seamless expansion in multiple data centers. At the same time, we support the hot upgrade of full-stack products to ensure that customers have zero business interruption in the process of quickly obtaining product iterations. Alibaba Cloud is the cloud service provider with the most complete compliance certifications in Asia. In 2019, we also became the first private cloud platform to pass the Level 4 evaluation of Class 2.0. In the past year, we have helped hundreds of customers to complete the construction of cloud-native security, the operation of cloud security, and the continuous operation and maintenance of cloud security. Alibaba Cloud has always adhered to the design principles of openness and compatibility. We can provide development interfaces compatible with open source products to help developers reduce development and learning costs; at the same time, we can also provide standardized northbound interfaces to help customers build their own unified operation and maintenance, Management platform; we can be compatible with multi-brand mainstream hardware without wasting customers' existing hardware investment. In terms of elasticity, we can expand to the public cloud with one click to obtain the same user experience as the public cloud; at the same time, we support the deployment capability of ultra-large scale (up to 10,000 units in a single Region) and the global deployment capability of up to dozens of Regions. Help customers build a "one cloud" digital experience in global data centers.

Heavy release of full stack cloud construction, intelligent management cloud, extreme cloud usage Alibaba Cloud Summit

Today, we will release Alibaba Cloud's hybrid cloud strategy: full-stack cloud construction, intelligent cloud management, and ultimate cloud usage. We will focus on business applications, help enterprise customers build development platforms and cloud infrastructure, and help customers build, manage, and use cloud well, forming a complete digital transformation support Alibaba Cloud Summit.

Full-stack cloud building: At the "build a cloud" level, in addition to providing a full-stack enterprise version of the private cloud, a new agile version of the private cloud will be released today. The "agile version" can support a lightweight deployment solution starting with three servers, and achieve hourly delivery. At the same time, it can deploy Alibaba Cloud's native PAAS capabilities based on Vmware and OpenStack, realizing the benefit of existing IaaS platforms. In addition, we also provide all-in-one machines for AI, industrial brains, transportation brains, and IoT, helping customers to form linkages with the central hybrid cloud while quickly processing edge data to achieve cloud integration. We re-optimized and distributed Alibaba Cloud Summit long-term data center operation and maintenance capabilities and cloud-native architecture's elastic scheduling capabilities, so that all cloud products on Alibaba Cloud can be seamlessly connected to the dedicated platform in a unified way. There are cloud enterprise edition, agile edition and all-in-one machine. We also innovatively released the government affairs industry cloud on the basis of the public cloud. At present, the government affairs cloud has carried the "health code" business of more than 20 provinces and cities, helping these provinces and cities to achieve efficient Internet business cloud.

Smart Manager Cloud: Based on the construction of various forms of cloud platforms, we have released a new hybrid cloud management platform for the first time: Apsara Uni-manager. Different roles and different management perspectives of an enterprise require different management experiences, but they need a unified cloud management portal, unified data access, unified business presentation, and unified operation and maintenance management. Therefore, we provide a unified management portal for enterprise decision-makers, developers, operation and maintenance personnel, and operation personnel to help enterprises achieve accurate, efficient, and intelligent unified management of hybrid and multi-cloud. For cloud users (developers), we provide a self-service portal to maintain the same development and management experience as public clouds. For operators, we provide efficient and intelligent analysis capabilities and reporting functions to help customers understand resource utilization in a timely and accurate manner, and use various products and resources provided by cloud computing more efficiently. At the same time, we provide second-level metering and billing capabilities to help customers achieve efficient operations. For operation and maintenance personnel, we provide application and platform integration operation and maintenance capabilities to help customers efficiently locate various technical problems in cloud products and intelligently predict possible technical risks. Early warning and early processing enable customers' cloud business to continue to run on a stable and reliable platform.

Ultimate use of the cloud: On the basis of helping customers "build the cloud" and "manage the cloud well", we also hope to help customers use the cloud more conveniently and efficiently with the help of Alibaba's years of accumulated R&D practices. We provide customers with an enterprise-level one-stop DevOps platform - Yunxiao, which organically encapsulates and integrates Alibaba's application development capabilities, mobile development capabilities, data application development capabilities, and AIoT application development capabilities to reduce users' use of new technologies. threshold to enhance cloud R&D capabilities. At the same time, we also provide a hybrid cloud application center and cloud market to help customers quickly develop real-time applications and synchronize data with public clouds.

Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud is a mature commercial native hybrid cloud that has undergone the "Double 11" test. It has always practiced the concept of "same architecture" as the public cloud, helping customers build a full-stack cloud, intelligently manage the cloud, and use the ultimate cloud. The best digital transformation partner for government and enterprise customers.

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