Alibaba Cloud releases cloud-native bare metal solution

Shenlong architecture is the best carrier for containers

In October 2017, Alibaba Cloud was the first in the world to launch a "cross-border" cloud server that combines the characteristics of physical machines and virtual machines - the elastic bare metal server Shenlong X-Dragon. With "the heart of a virtual machine" and "the muscle of a physical machine", it is considered a new species in the field of cloud computing. Since the release of the first-generation Shenlong architecture in 2017, after three stages of software virtualization, general hardware virtualization, and dedicated hardware chip virtualization, the third-generation Shenlong architecture has realized bare metal servers, ECS virtual machines, and elastic container instances. The architecture of various computing platforms such as ECI is unified and fully optimized Alibaba Cloud Summit.

Jiang Jiangwei also mentioned in his speech that customers generally have a consensus that the combination of containers and physical servers is the best partner. However, ordinary physical servers naturally have some defects, such as high operation and maintenance complexity and lack of elasticity. The bare metal server based on the Shenlong architecture, combined with the container service ACK, not only provides very good performance, but also has the operation and maintenance flexibility of virtual machines, which just makes up for the elasticity defect of physical servers. For building a container environment, bare metal servers Metal is a better choice. According to Jiang Jiangwei, cloud-native bare metal has extreme flexibility, efficient scheduling capabilities, and more comprehensive security capabilities. In common application scenarios, compared with the self-built container, the container service ACK based on the Dragon architecture can achieve a 30% increase in QPS, a 50% decrease in computing cost, and a 30% increase in container security performance Alibaba Cloud Summit.

For offline traditional physical server servers, the biggest pain point for enterprise customers is lack of flexibility, complicated operation and maintenance, and inability to cope with rapidly developing business needs. The Shenlong bare metal server has the experience of a virtual machine and the performance of a physical machine. The delivery cycle for capacity expansion is shortened from several weeks to minutes. Compared with virtual machines, the performance is "zero loss" and "zero jitter". Compared with traditional physical machines, the cost performance is improved by 20%. It is the best choice for users to migrate to the Alibaba Cloud Summit.

DingTalk used to be 100% deployed on ordinary physical machines. After the outbreak of the epidemic, the demand for online collaboration from governments, enterprises and schools has soared. Through the Cloud Dragon bare metal + container elastic deployment solution, the 100,000-core expansion requirement of DingTalk business applications was quickly realized; with the ultra-high-performance support of Dragon + container, DingTalk was able to withstand the largest traffic peak in history Alibaba Cloud Summit.

In addition, the community version K8s container scheduling technology has certain limitations and cannot fully utilize the powerful computing power of the Dragon Bare Metal Server. Application in multi-CPU core scenarios may cause resource contention and frequent CPU switching. By enabling the intelligent CPU scheduling of container service ACK, it can improve the cache hit rate, reduce the number of CPU interruptions and switching, and effectively improve performance. The performance is improved by 20% without increasing hardware resources, and the QPS is increased from 250,000 to 300,000.Alibaba Cloud Summit

Container Service ACK not only supports efficient scheduling of CPUs, but also adds multi-core scheduling support for Hanguang 800, the most powerful AI chip in the industry, which can double the utilization of AI business resources and cost performance. Alibaba's self-developed Hanguang 800 chip has powerful application computing power. In Taobao's Polaroid Tao scene, 1 billion new product images are added to the product library every day. It takes 1 hour to identify using traditional GPU computing power. After using Hanguang 800 Can be reduced to 5 minutes. For the powerful Hanguang NPU chip, Alibaba Cloud Container Service ACK has created an original container-oriented virtualization and sharing capability, giving full play to the multi-core resources of Hanguang 800, accurately scheduling various services to the same Hanguang 800 chip, and making full use of computing resources. Significantly reduce computational costs Alibaba Cloud Summit!

Alibaba Cloud Summit Traditional enterprises, especially some large enterprises, are not comfortable migrating from private data centers to public clouds. Among them, data security is the primary concern, and it is necessary to use the physical machine exclusively to have a sense of security. The cloud-native bare metal solution, combined with Alibaba Cloud's security sandbox container technology, provides end-to-end security from infrastructure to application runtime. It is very suitable for application scenarios with high privacy and isolation requirements, and its performance is improved by 30% compared to open source solutions. %. Alibaba Cloud's first confidential computing container, based on the integrated software and hardware technology, realizes full-link encryption, effectively solves problems such as data leakage and illegal data access, and can be applied in business scenarios such as blockchain, financial transactions, and genetic computing.

The next stop for cloud computing is cloud native
Dragon is a new generation of cloud infrastructure designed for cloud native design, and supports various computing forms such as bare metal servers, ECS virtual machines, and ECI elastic container instances. The Shenlong architecture adopts an integrated software and hardware design, which can offload the network and storage forwarding tasks to the Shenlong chip, avoiding the performance fluctuations of the ECS virtual machine caused by the competition for underlying resources. The third-generation Shenlong architecture also introduces hardware-level QoS capabilities to bring stronger protection to customers' key businesses. The ECI elastic container instance based on the Dragon architecture has better performance than the Docker container of the same specification running in the virtual machine; it has the ultimate elasticity, and can expand 1000 business container instances in one minute Alibaba Cloud Summit.

Customers can divide different node pools in an ACK K8s cluster to uniformly manage elastic bare metal instances, ECS virtual machine instances and elastic container instances. According to the application load characteristics, computing efficiency can be fully optimized, resource utilization can be improved, and computing costs can be reduced. For scenarios that require extreme performance and strong security isolation, users can use bare metal instances; for scenarios with obvious business peaks and valleys, virtual machine instances can provide more flexibility. Elastic container instances, on the other hand, can better cope with sudden business traffic and provide an O&M-free user experience Alibaba Cloud Summit.

Container Service ACK has become an enterprise cloud-native operating system. It is fully integrated with the EDAS microservice architecture and ARMS end-to-end observability capabilities, which comprehensively improves IT agility and accelerates the digital transformation of enterprises Alibaba Cloud Summit.

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