Quick Decision and DataTrust - Apsara 2022

Date: Oct 1, 2022

Apsara conference 2022-Data Center Forum was held as scheduled in apsara conference Town, Hangzhou. Wang Sai, head of Alibaba Cloud Data Center, said that in the past few years, Alibaba has built its own data center capabilities. Through Alibaba Cloud's external output (that is, Alibaba Cloud Data Center), rich practical experience has been accumulated in many industries Apsara conference 2022.

During this process, the product matrix of Alibaba Cloud Data Center has also been continuously enriched. At this Apsara conference 2022, two new data products of Data Center, DataTrust and Quick Decision, were launched. Said Wang Sai, "While we serve different enterprises, we are also actively absorbing individualized demands, summarizing and extracting commonalities by industry as a unit, and then concretizing our capabilities in a targeted manner to meet the needs of enterprises in the form of products Apsara conference 2022."

In addition, he also emphasized that for enterprises, the construction of a data center must be a long-term process, and the service provider ecosystem can help enterprises to better build a data center to a certain extent, and provide enterprises with business needs in practical applications. refined service Apsara conference 2022.

Apsara conference 2022 product matrix is ​​enriched again, and the dual products of Quick Decision and DataTrust are unveiled for the first time

In the past year, the core products of Alibaba Cloud Data Center, Dataphin, Quick BI, and Quick Audience have achieved remarkable results in helping enterprises to build good data, realize decision analysis, formulate scientific marketing strategies, etc., and bring more business standards to enterprises. think Apsara conference 2022.

Wen Di, vice president of McDonald's China's digital business, said in an earlier interview with the media that McDonald's uses Quick Audience's ability in global marketing scenarios to reach content for the 500 offline stores radiating the market. The value of ROI is not just measurable by absolute values Apsara conference 2022, "it also sets a standard for us, letting us know that when the ROI is controlled within this range in the future, it is acceptable."

"A good product must continuously realize the superposition of its own capabilities with the emergence of new customer problems," said Wang Sai, "So, while our products continue to serve customers, they have always been nutrient-dense about the new problems they face. Constantly adapting to the new environment to complement its own capabilities, and at the same time, aiming at common problems in the industry, we will introduce new products in terms of product richness Apsara conference 2022.”

Apsara conference 2022 at the meeting, Alibaba Cloud Data Center launched two new products, Quick Decision and DataTrust, in response to the risk control scenarios of the financial industry and the data security requirements of enterprises in the new environment.

Li Li, Product Manager of Quick Decision, introduced that, as a one-stop intelligent risk control decision-making platform supported by Ant Financial's technology, Quick Decision can provide financial enterprises with an offline, real-time, and online capability-integrated feature construction engine. The full-link decision-making engine such as testing and monitoring helps financial enterprises to implement risk control features quickly, respond to decision-making in a timely manner, and truly protect every financial transaction.

Another product, DataTrust, passed the four capability evaluations of the big data products of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology in June this year (the only product at that time that passed the evaluation of "multi-party secure computing", "trusted execution environment" and "federated learning" at the same time. The product) has been used in many enterprises and has been praised continuously. "DataTrust products can complete multi-party data joint analysis, joint training and joint prediction under the premise of ensuring data privacy and security." Fang told reporters, "This is a capability that enterprises value products in particular. Based on this capability, data can maximize the value of data in a safe and controllable environment."
(DataTrust White Paper Download>>)

Up to now, the core product matrix of Alibaba Cloud Data Center has been expanded to seven major products: Dataphin, Quick BI, Quick Audience, Quick Tracking, Quick Stock, Quick Decision and DataTrust, covering data construction, decision analysis, scientific marketing, behavioral insight, and goods. Operation, risk control and data security and other enterprise management and business scenarios.

Linking the service provider ecosystem and relaunching the service ecosystem cooperation plan

While the product matrix is ​​further enriched, in order to better serve multi-industry enterprises, Alibaba Cloud Data Center also launched the "Alibaba Wanshu Data Service Ecology" plan in the first half of this year, aiming to introduce more high-quality service providers. The capabilities of Alibaba Cloud's data middle-end products and industry solutions provide enterprises with more targeted and detailed services.

Zhen Rixin, head of Alibaba's data service ecosystem, said at the forum that Wanshu's data service ecosystem is actually a product of the integration of Alibaba Cloud's data middle-office and Alibaba Group's own data middle-office capabilities, "The core products covered include Dataphin. , Quick BI, etc., as well as data products such as business advisors and strategy centers that are currently active on Tao-based platforms.”

In his view, service providers can help Alibaba Cloud data center to gain deeper insight into the actual needs of customers at the business level, and quickly respond to needs and solve problems with sufficient manpower and large-scale service capabilities.

"This is a win-win situation for both parties." Zhen Rixin added that for Alibaba Cloud Data Center, service providers can help Alibaba Cloud Data Center products cover more enterprises with their capabilities.

For service providers, with the help of the customer needs previously discovered by Alibaba Cloud Data Center, and based on Alibaba Cloud Data Center products and solutions, they have the opportunity to continue to drill down into enterprise needs and deploy their own more detailed requirements for new needs. Granular solutions, at the same time, Wanshu Data Service Ecology launched the "New Data-based Operator Certification" project to help service providers cultivate data professionals, which have better matched data products and solution service capabilities.

In addition, for service providers, being shortlisted for Wanshu Data Service Ecosystem is itself an industry capability recognition.

"Apsara conference 2022 is a long-term task for enterprises to build a data center, and it is also a long-term task for us to serve enterprises. This requires us to link more forces on the basis of continuously enriching the product matrix and upgrading product capabilities. Only in this way can we truly To help tens of millions of enterprises realize the transformation of digital intelligence." Wang Sai said.

The data center is the only way for enterprises to become digital and intelligent. Alibaba believes that the data center integrates methodology, tools, and organization. intelligent big data system.

Currently, Alibaba Cloud is exporting a series of solutions, including general data middle-end solutions, retail data middle-end solutions, financial data middle-end solutions, Internet data middle-end solutions, government affairs data middle-end solutions and other sub-scenarios .

The Alibaba Cloud data middle-end product matrix is ​​based on Dataphin and takes the Quick series as the business scenario, including:
• - Dataphin, a one-stop, intelligent data construction and management platform;
• - Quick BI, intelligent decision-making anytime, anywhere;
• - Quick Audience, all-round insight, global marketing, intelligent growth;
• - Quick A+, a one-stop data-based operation platform for cross-multi-end global application experience analysis and insight;
• - Quick Stock, an intelligent product operation platform;
• - Quick Decision, an intelligent decision-making platform;

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