Apsara Conference 2022 | Next-Generation Enterprise Intelligence Services Forum

Date: Oct 1, 2022

Apsara Conference 2022 forum introduced the latest progress of Alibaba Cloud's intelligent customer service to enterprise users in all industries, including the cloud product matrix covering all channels and all scenarios and the solutions extending from intelligent services to intelligent marketing scenarios - the release of the first domestic intelligent strategy center, calling for ecological Partners and customers discuss the future of the intelligent service industry Apsara Conference 2022.

Wang Weiwei, general manager of Alibaba Cloud's intelligent customer service business at the Product Innovation Center of Bodhidharma Institute, delivered a keynote speech at the conference "How to make intelligent customer service a productivity tool for enterprises?" Level transformation to reduce costs and increase efficiency; data-driven enterprises release more productivity to achieve marketing, user growth and other goals; build a closed-loop marketing that "starts with customers and ends with customers Apsara Conference 2022".

Apsara Conference 2022 use advanced AI technology to automatically mine enterprise data sources, quickly build a knowledge system to generate a big business picture; break the boundaries of speech and semantics; match the most suitable agents for services through intelligent allocation and recommendation, integrating enterprise data and other factors; help agents quickly adapt to the business Change, long-term solution to business problems. Promote the double increase of customer satisfaction and problem solving efficiency, and release the overall agent efficiency Apsara Conference 2022.

Hu Yunhua, head of the new retail intelligent service business of the Product Innovation Center of Bodhidharma Institute, summed up the advantages and characteristics of the six core modules in the Alidian 4.0 version. Apsara Conference 2022 Use the latest AI technology to promote intelligent dialogue to expand the capability boundary in depth and increase the richness in breadth; shape the "integrated marketing service" operation, deepen the understanding of the service chain, and smoothly transition from passive acceptance to active service, from popular coverage to accurate matching of personality change from a single form to a multi-modal, from independent research and development to ISV cooperative development; jointly aim to provide corrective dialogue, and shorten the distance between consumers and merchants Apsara Conference 2022.

Then Yao Tao, a researcher in the field of machine intelligence technology at Alibaba Dharma Academy and chief operational research scientist, unveiled the mystery of the intelligent strategy center to the guests; Yao Tao said that in the wave of enterprise digital transformation, the intelligent strategy center takes customer service scenarios as precision marketing The best contact point; build an intelligent center through "data" + "model", conduct crowd selection of potential customer groups, and judge the marketing scene to manual Apsara Conference 2022.

Apsara Conference 2022 under the support of the algorithm design level, the service volume forecast, the effect of scheduling, customer service marketing, real-time scheduling and other scenarios to achieve value maximization and rapid implementation; as a new product of intelligent customer service integration scheduling optimization, machine learning and other latest technologies, both rich The product matrix was developed, and the problems encountered in the customer service marketing of enterprises were further solved, which promoted the increase of marketing conversion.

Fang Yiding, the head of Hangzhou 12345 Information Center, shared that through the intelligent transformation of government affairs, AI technology has been deeply integrated with the Hangzhou 12345 government affairs scene, giving full play to the convenient and caring service effect of the government affairs hotline Apsara Conference 2022.

Yang Qingqing, vice president of Beijing Heliyijie Technology Co., Ltd., summed up the ecological model and experience accumulation since the cooperation with DAMO Academy's intelligent customer service; from the aspects of delivery, application and development, he explained how to effectively combine with the underlying technology of Alibaba Cloud Apsara Conference 2022.

Shen Libin, founder and CEO of Leyan Technology, said that the full-link AI digital and intelligent service marketing solution can disassemble traffic, crowd, content, service and other dimensions into basic and optimized aspects, and use data to help brands find the latest opportunities Points, the latest trends, to assist merchants in every step of decision-making Apsara Conference 2022.

Smart customer service opened a new track to discuss traditional customer service centers, and the industry leaders on the scene also conducted in-depth discussions on "talking about ecology and drawing a blueprint together".

Under the auspices of Dong Xiaofei, general manager of Nanjing New Generation Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, Wang Weiwei, general manager of Alibaba Cloud's intelligent customer service business, Hu Yunhua, head of new retail intelligent service business, Yang Qingqing, vice president of Beijing Heliyijie Technology Co., Ltd., Leyan Technology Founder and CEO Shen Libin held a splendid roundtable discussion around the topics:

Mr. Yang Qingqing said that relying on the rapid development of cloud, big data computing and other technologies, the basic environment for the subscription model is already available, the market decision-making factors are complex and changeable, and the key point of business triggering is the convergence of cognition and market; and Mr. Shen Libin It is proposed that the sense of customer acquisition is particularly important for the subscription model, and it is a feasible way to continue to provide customers with a sense of value and to focus on services. Mr. Wang Weiwei mentioned that AIT talents and training models are relatively scarce in ecological enterprises, and they cooperate with academic institutions in universities to carry out targeted school-running and supplement the construction of talent echelons from the upstream. Mr. Hu Yunhua said: When artificial intelligence is strongly integrated with business, it requires both the underlying technical knowledge reserve and the business understanding for talents; the necessity of this position is very clear, and I hope that all enterprises can absorb talents as soon as possible. ;

The forum is full of dry goods, setting a direction for the intelligent upgrade of the customer service centers of traditional enterprises.

The intelligent customer service of DAMO Academy will also insist on exploring high-tech and cutting-edge technologies; together with all customers and ecological partners, it will jointly serve the intelligent practice of Chinese enterprises, and gather wisdom and strength.

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