Enterprise Management Collaboration and Digital Intelligence Special Session - Apsara 2022

Date: Oct 1, 2022

Apsara conference 2022 introduction: In the digital age, fast business expansion and rapid change will become the norm and mainstream. In addition to improving the efficiency of internal enterprise collaboration, the low-code platform based on multiple underlying technology frameworks is an indispensable bottom layer for intelligent collaboration. Support, the senior vice president of Aozhe and the head of Aozhe Yunshu business will introduce the support of the low-code platform for the intelligent management of contemporary enterprises Apsara conference 2022.

New features of management in the era of mobile Internet?
Through this epidemic, we realize a truth, collaboration and intelligence determine the life and death of your enterprise, and the era of mobile response collaboration has actually arrived. In this era, management has changed. Some leaders may feel this change, but it is not clear. I will share it with you from my perspective for reference only Apsara conference 2022:

1. Enterprise collaboration breaks through organizational walls Apsara conference 2022.

Several corporate CIOs have just mentioned that now people-to-people collaboration is no longer about playing around within the company, but at the industrial level, especially as the leaders of Yuexiu Real Estate mentioned that their Dingding uses exclusive DingTalk, the ecosystem also conducts business collaboration in one IM. If it still relies on people to get through as before, the efficiency of collaboration will be extremely low. At the same time, we are well aware that the foreign trade industry has been greatly affected by the epidemic and trade wars, and foreign trade companies that can continue to grow or are still alive and well are all going online. In this era, business collaboration has already broken through the walls of enterprise organizations Apsara conference 2022.

2. Enterprise management aims to "customer first"

Apsara conference 2022 today's enterprise management, everyone should pay attention to one word, which is also the purpose, that is, users come first. No matter what you do, some people say that if you are doing business, you are the user first, and if you are doing catering, you are also the first user. What if you are doing equipment? The answer is still user first, because your enterprise customers ultimately deliver to end consumers, and the feelings of end consumers determine your outcome. Just now we said what is the current pattern of enterprise competition? It is the competition of the industry chain, and the user's feelings determine the fate of the entire industry. Therefore, Apsara conference 2022 current management is aimed at the user first, and it is necessary to deeply reach and consider the user's feelings, including the user's needs, communication and maximization of his value, in order to be successful Apsara conference 2022.

3. Changeable business and collaborative engine

The current management is not the same as before. The most impressive thing in the past is to solidify first and then optimize. It's too late now, because the world is changing too fast, and we must support this change. The change is reflected in many aspects. The first is that the business form is changing too fast. Originally, we thought we could pull the line down to Tmall and sell it as soon as it was sold. But I found that Tmall still has a lot of ways to play, and later found that live broadcasts can also be sold. During this period, the pace of change was too fast; the second personnel flow was fast; the third organization was adjusted quickly; the fourth role was adjusted quickly, new positions, new personnel , new leaders and everyone's new ideas are changing; the fifth work platform is diverse, the ideal result is a super APP, one thing can get everyone's platform. But the reality is that a large number of special work scenarios and working environments make our company have to face the situation of using both computers, mobile phones, some IoT devices, and even other different communication platforms or tools Apsara conference 2022. We need to support these features. It was decided that the collaboration should be engineized, and these things should be quickly brought together and pulled together. Generally speaking, we will use the process engine to pull through. If there is such a thing, it doesn't matter how it changes. In a word, in this world, you can't find exactly the same company, let alone the business of the company Apsara conference 2022?

4. Management is online, no one is seen Apsara conference 2022

Business management no longer needs to be seen by people. This is not only true for enterprises, but also for government units. Collaboration where people are not seen has become a trend. Why is a country as big as ours still in good order after being closed for so long, including handling all kinds of emergencies, the strength of the Chinese people is great here. In the digital age, communication is no longer based on shouting. This shouting includes telephone shouting and face-to-face shouting. Under the epidemic, we firmly realize the truth that good collaboration is not about finding people, but when people can't see people, things can be done to the extreme Apsara conference 2022.

Five, data can speak, business-oriented Apsara conference 2022

In the past, when we talked about big data, many people said that in fact, data alone is not enough. Data is only valuable if it is business-oriented. Once we talked about data, we did all kinds of things to collect all kinds of data. Value, however so far it's just cost and worthless. Data must be built into a decision support system through intelligent models, so that data can be used for business empowerment and data can be valuable. Here, if your model is wrong, and the data will tell lies, it is not empowering, or it is a hindrance Apsara conference 2022.

The above characteristics can be summed up and found in one sentence, digitalization is the only solution to modern intelligent management. All of the previous characteristics are ultimately solved by digitalization. I did not use digital intelligence, because it is biased towards solutions, and digital itself is the channel for enterprises to become intelligent.

Digitization has 3 core concerns Apsara conference 2022:

1. Smart application: there is a need for fast and smart response in the digital age;

2. Ecological connection: the demand for ecological connection between upper, lower, left and right sides Apsara conference 2022

3. Data assets: can turn data into assets Apsara conference 2022;

These three characteristics are the core focus of our discussion of digitalization, and they are also the abstract key points for the precipitation of the characteristics of the new era. In order to satisfy it, there must be an excellent digital engine platform to support it, otherwise it will not be able to adapt and connect.

look back
Let's go back and look at it. From ten years ago to about two or three years ago, most experts who talked about enterprise informatization came up to talk about top-level design and a good structure. Therefore, they would say that organizations cannot build digitalization by themselves, because Knowing data silos, chimney-style construction cannot be done, because data is not shared and easy to repeat construction, and cannot be hard-coded by humans, because the cost is high. Therefore, the best way is to do a good job of top-level design, think clearly and then do it.

But today, ten years later, times have changed, the world is changing too fast, and the business of each department is changing too fast. All of us here ask ourselves, did we think of the IT situation like today ten years ago. It is only today that we realize that it is the fastest and most efficient for each organization to do its own digitalization. Just now, the leaders of Yuexiu showed that many businesses are at the organizational level, such as the personnel department, the party branch, and the propaganda mouth. They have their own It's too late to wait for the top-level design for your own business logic. At the same time, today's technical architecture has undergone great development, and the architecture of microservices has become the norm. As long as we solve the service consistency, we will have full integration and reusability, and we don't need to worry about conflicts between systems. Not reusable. Then, in order to exert the value of the above two points, there must be an excellent digital engine, so that these business personnel can quickly build applications based on the engine (note that they are not hard-coded), and let these applications and businesses iterate quickly in their respective organizations , which is the core. So today we look at the key to enterprise digitization again, first of all, the underlying support capability of enterprise digitization, which is the trend of modern enterprise digitization. We are not saying that it is wrong to do top-level design, but if there is no bottom-level support, top-level design will be difficult to implement, and it will be impossible to talk about.

Engine position in enterprise digitization

The underlying support must have the platform we just mentioned, which we position as the engine of enterprise digitalization. It will undertake the integration of enterprise back-end level, such as ERP, and can quickly build the connection and rapid construction of front-end To B and To C applications. For example, there is an epidemic today, and everyone needs to report their respective locations in real time. You can use this engine to create a form within five minutes, and all people on DingTalk can see and fill in the report. Look at the page in our video. As a digital engine, its left side can be connected with a large number of third-party, administrative, platform-side service and capability interfaces, and the right side can be coupled with emerging technology platforms such as big data and artificial intelligence. Integrate and quickly reuse their capabilities, such as cloud native, we don’t need to do the underlying development for everything, but we all need to use it, and only need to use it. Therefore, the position of the digital engine in the future will be in the middle and core position in the enterprise digital sector. Every enterprise can choose from others, but this engine should not fail.

Essential Features of an Enterprise Digital Engine

The engine of enterprise digitization needs to have four characteristics: building agility, online connection, process-driven, and digital intelligence.

It can support these five scenarios: business-centered agile operation, process-centered collaborative management, service-centered middle-office connection, and connection-centered industrial chain collaboration, data-centered Intelligent transformation.

An excellent digital engine must have these core capabilities: cross-system business integration capabilities, WYSIWYG business design capabilities, drag-and-drop process design capabilities, graphical business rule configuration capabilities, cross-organizational business collaboration capabilities, and configurable View design capabilities, intelligent report design capabilities, and visual page design capabilities. The core of the unity of the eight rapid construction capabilities is "fast", and only with these eight characteristics is an excellent digital engine.

Having said that, let's make a little advertisement, we recommend everyone to use Aozhe Yunshu. In addition to the above-mentioned excellent digital engine characteristics of the product itself, Aozhe Yunshu also has a large number of customer practices and asset accumulation in many industries. We have solutions and application cases in many industries. At the same time, we have a national Localized delivery capabilities everywhere.

Finally, there are pictures and truths. This is our Guangzhou customer - Faurecia. They used Yunshu to realize "smart factory + unmanned management"; this is Yunding, they have realized their own internal enterprise through our low-code platform. The external ecological online integrated operation; the last one is a robot company with real machines - Shanghai Qinglang. About how they build the intelligent management of their own enterprises, I will leave to our lovely and wise President Wan to introduce to you, thank you all .

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