Enterprise digital transformation - Apsara 2022

Date: Oct 1, 2022

Stages of enterprise IT development Apsara conference 2022

Before talking about digital intelligence, let's define the stage of the entire IT development of the enterprise. You can see that this diagram describes three concepts:

1. Informatization Apsara conference 2022
Informatization. Enterprises use IT software and hardware at the very beginning, centering on process, using IT system including software and hardware as tools, so that enterprise process can become a digital process. In this process, data is actually a by-product of software, and everyone uses software to improve the operational efficiency of the enterprise.

2. Digitization Apsara conference 2022
Digitizing. The difference between digitization and informatization core is that data is a core, not just a by-product. So in the process, both the process and the software become a process and a tool. Its core is enterprise business development as the core, rather than simply improving efficiency and reducing costs. Therefore, digitalization and informatization have taken a big step forward on the basis of informatization.

3. Digitalization Apsara conference 2022

Digital intelligence. The characteristic of digital intelligence is that it accumulates a large amount of data on the basis of digitization, and deeply integrates intelligent technologies such as cloud computing, middle platform, AI, etc., and can guide the judgment and decision-making of enterprises after full use. Can make predictions about future business. In this process, it is not only centered on enterprise business, but further refined, because data-based insight and analysis capabilities further promote customer-side operations and internal and partner-side operations. It is characterized by intelligent After the ability of transformation, operations can be the core.

I think that many companies have not fully understood what these three stages mean before. From the perspective of process, business, or tools and technologies, a single point has not produced revolutionary changes, but if these technologies, processes, tools, and data, including the way of business operations are integrated, Look, it really means that every step is a big step forward. Therefore, in what we call the post-epidemic era, if an enterprise does not have digital and intelligent capabilities, it will basically be eliminated in the future.

Understand the whole process of IT development. In this process, we call IT to become DT. Now is the era of AIOT. What method is used to express this concept at this stage, and the core is to talk about the span of these three steps Apsara conference 2022.

The consumer side forces the supply side to transform into digital intelligence

In Apsara conference 2022 development process of Chinese enterprises, the real digital and intelligent development stage is relatively good, starting from consumers. Everyone has an intelligent mobile phone, which is basically inseparable from food, clothing, housing, and transportation. It represents the common situation of consumer digitalization. Because the demand for digitalization on the consumer side is so strong, the innovation of enterprises is very developed. The other is that due to the rapid development of consumer-side data and the overall effect of synergy, the efficiency of corporate innovation, entrepreneurship, and business iteration has also been greatly improved. So you can see that there are some successful companies that are getting faster and shorter from the establishment of the company to the final listing Apsara conference 2022.

Apsara conference 2022 development of digital intelligence on the consumer side actually means that China has reached a very high level and has considerable advantages compared with the United States. However, we are relatively backward on the enterprise side and the supply side. You can see a data, the penetration rate of sensors, the density of robots used, what is the reason for this? I think Chinese companies focus more on practical results, and the entire society and management concepts, including the stage of economic development, are not as mature as the United States in the To B market. Another point is that the digitalization of the supply side has just begun, so there are many opportunities for a large number of enterprises. I have always believed that the duration of To B's digital intelligence will be longer, the changes to the future will be more profound, and there will be more opportunities Apsara conference 2022.

As a simple example, take Alibaba Cloud as an example. I always think that it is no problem to do cloud computing for decades. Why? First, it is a change in the supply-side business model. Second, it brings a lot of technological innovation. Third, it collects a lot of data, and finally promotes intelligent development. So the whole cloud computing thing will involve multiple factors mixed together, and then form a new business model and technology update iteration. So this wave comes in one wave and can last as long as the industry. This is also the characteristic of the entire digital transformation and change of the To B side. The duration will be very long and the investment will be very large, but the final impact will be very far-reaching. I believe the effect must be very significant Apsara conference 2022.

How to do digital intelligence Apsara conference 2022?

1. Synergistic network effects Apsara conference 2022
Collaborative network effect, take Taobao as an example, Taobao is a collaborative network, why is it called a collaborative network. As a platform, Taobao has established a website for buyers and sellers to conduct e-commerce transactions and transactions, which means a collaborative network formed by buyers and sellers. This is the first step.

2. Massive data Apsara conference 2022
If this network is larger and denser, the synergy will be more manifested. This does not mean a multiplier relationship but an exponential relationship. Therefore, in this process, the buyer is actually the consumer, and the seller is the supply side, which requires close coordination between the consumer and the supply side. This collaboration can generate a large amount of data. Therefore, the massive data includes commodity, transaction, logistics, and buyer data, all of which appear frequently in the business process, and then gradually accumulate. The accumulation of these massive data is a gold mine, and an enterprise must pay attention to the accumulation of data.

3. Business Intelligence Apsara conference 2022
After the massive data is available, if it is only used for reporting, it will still stay in the stage of informatization. What we're really doing is business intelligence.

Taking e-commerce as an example, how can e-commerce do business intelligence? Users can be profiled through data, who are the main users, and which users like to buy what. At this time, through the data of buying and selling, including supply data, to make intelligent selection, you can know what kind of things female buyers of what age are like, and what are the typical representative products in these things. In this way, it can promote the supply side and push merchants to supply and replenish. In this process, you can also know the frequency and time of your purchases, and then do intelligent marketing according to the frequency and time, and actively push the corresponding products to the right consumers. In the process, business intelligence is formed. Of course, this is just a very simple example to describe the flywheel effect, whether it is in the field of e-commerce or manufacturing, finance, energy, real estate and other fields such a flywheel effect exists. In order to stand out from the competition in the future, enterprises must know how to use the power of data and intelligence to help their business development. The premise is that they must understand consumers, employees, and partners, and integrate human, financial and material information to promote business acceleration.

Collaboration is the first step in digital and intelligent transformation

So where does the first step of the flywheel effect start? I personally think that it starts with collaboration. I just mentioned that the density and breadth of the collaborative network determines whether massive data can be deposited. For enterprises, the first step in the collaboration network is to collaborate with employees. If employees cannot collaborate within the organization, then collaboration with partners and customers will not be established. If employees are accustomed to using digital tools for collaboration, then The internal management efficiency and operational efficiency of the enterprise will definitely be further developed. When collaboration is possible within an organization, on the one hand, it can coordinate with customers on the demand side, and on the other hand, it can coordinate with suppliers on the supply side. At this time, the enterprise has the genes of digital intelligence Apsara conference 2022.

Later, I believe that you will see that our various partners, including Alibaba Cloud students, will talk about more successful cases in the field of collaboration and some recent products and thinking. That's it for my sharing, thank you all.

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